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It always seems impossible until it is DONE-Nelson Mandela


    Fractals are a geometric shapes with an infinite perimeter, these shapes are entirely infinite, they are made naturally in nature, though you can also create an artificial fractal by repeating the same equation multiple times over again and again. Fractals are also useful for many things.
    Fractals are a shape with a never ending perimeter, they are an infinite shape. As a matter of fact if you zoom in on a fractal it will forever continue to repeat itself. There are different types of fractals such as the Mandelbrot set.
    You may wonder why we need to care about fractals, its because fractals are actually more important than you may think at first glance. Fractals matter because they help us understand important scientific concepts such as the way that bacteria grows, patterns in freezing water and brainwaves. Almost anything with a pattern or rhythm can be fractal-like. Fractals are used to predict or analyze biological processes called phenomena like the growth of bacteria and the pattern of situations such as nerve dendrites.  

 How are fractals created? Fractals are just simply made by a process just repeating itself over and over, creating a feedback loop, abstract fractals like the mandelbrot set can be made in a computer by generating the same equation multiple times over. Natural fractals (as the name implies) can be found in nature, and are not man made.
    All in all, fractals are more important than you may think and can be used in different ways. There is more than you might think to a simple shape. Who knows, maybe you may be using fractals one day.

Powerful Women


Cleopatra was the ruler of ancient Egypt for about three decades. She was then the last ruler in the Macedonian Dynasty. After Cleopatra's mother died of what seemed a natural cause, the throne was passed on to Cleopatra at the age of 18. After Cleopatra's brother took her place on the throne, Cleopatra sought out for Julius Caesar's help and with him and his army, Cleopatra got her throne back. After Cleopatra got her throne back, a few months later she gave birth to a baby who seemed to be Caesars baby too. After that, Caesar then died.

Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony was a pioneer crusader, meaning, she fought and stood up for something she believed in. This, “something” is the Woman Suffrage Movement in the United States of America. She was president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association from 1892-1900. She died March 13th, 1906.  Although, when she died women didn’t have the rights that she fought so hard for, but 14 years later in 1920, it was passed that, women could vote that were the appropriate year of age. It was amendment 19 in the Constitution.
Angela Merkel

She is the de facto leader of the struggling European coalition. Merkel has won a hard fought election that saw the far right Alternative for Germany party creep into the Bundestag. She’s working from position of strength though as Germany’s economy grows. 

What is wingboarding?
By: Angelina Soltan-Frey
You're probably asking “what the heck is this thing called wing boarding?”. Well I can't tell you it all right now but let's just say its a weird type of sport created from and disney channel show. And i'll tell you this you should probably keep reading because you probably can't find a lot of articles like this one. So if you're interested keep on reading but, if your not get outta here!
    So how was this odd thing called wing boarding come up to be an actual thing created. It just sounds so interesting and I just really need to know. What caused this person to think up such an odd idea. Well apparently according to Outside it all started when “One night in the spring of 2013, Wypyszynski got creative. “I just rolled up some pieces of paper and started playing around with them, and before I knew it, it was like, hey, this actually works,” he says.”. Don't you think that's just so creative! I mean he just saw something in a show and brought it to life. And even better someone could of done this even earlier than Wypyszynski. And so after he grabbed the piece of paper he “ observed that a wing could stay upright and glide through the air even with a heavier object (taped, in this case) on top of it. Paper airplanes aside, the concept seemed feasible. “There’s no reason why someone shouldn’t have done this already,” Wypyszynski says.” And he’s right it's surprising that no one had already thought up the idea of making it a real life idea and become famous for creating something out of the box from the sports options he had in that time.
It's just so interesting about how this amazing sport became another sport introduced into the world of sports. Starting from a disney show is just so extremely creative and like I said out of the box!
   So what is wingboarding! Its killing me, my suspense is racking up to my capacity. So  this is what it is according to Outside “surfing in the clouds”. I’m going to be one hundred percent honest with you guys that sounds AWESOME! Surfing in the clouds sounds even better than surfing but instead of being in the ocean your in the clouds. In addition, another interesting fact about  wing boarding is “ a 12-foot-wide, 70-pound composite platform on which riders stand sideways and are locked in via bindings, like on a snowboard or wakeboard, while getting towed behind a plane at 110 mph, 2,000 feet off the ground”. So this is how fast and how high you go on a wingboard. This sounds so freaking fun. If I ever went on this I would be so excited and my adrenaline would be pumping so fast!
    All in all it sounds so fun and like an awesome thing to do that you can put on your bucket list and one day when you want to have a fun adrenaline rushing thing to do then you can do this and check it off you list! I would one day love to go on this and be 2,000 feet up in the air and see everything under me especially since I love getting my adrenaline pumping. Also I feel like this will become a really popular sport and maybe even one day become a national olympic sport. So one day in your future you remember about this article and tell yourself or your friends”hey lets go wingboarding!” and go fly up in the sky and have the time of your life!

" The next extreme ariel         adventuure  sport" 
" The next  crazy adventure sport" 
The Flu 
The flu can be deadly to a lot of people. My advice to you is to always wash your hands no matter what. This year the flu killed kids which is horrible! To know more about the flu, please read on.
The flu (also known as Influenza) is an extremely contagious respiratory illness. It is most common  in winter and early spring.

whats the difference between the flu and the cold

The flu can include fever or feeling feverish/chills, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches, headaches and fatigue (tiredness). Cold symptoms are usually milder than the symptoms of flu. People with colds are more likely to have a runny or stuffy nose. Colds generally do not result in serious health problems.
Who is most likely to receive prescription medication for the flu?
Your doctor may be more likely to prescribe one if your illness is severe or to people who are:
Children under 5
Adults age 65 or older
People with asthma, diabetes, or other chronic medical conditions
Pregnant women or those who delivered within three weeks
Nursing home residents
American Indians/Alaska Natives
People who are extremely obese
People with weakened immune systems

So stay vigilant during the spring because the flu tends to come around  at that time.Yet there is a difference between the cold and the flu make sure you check your symptoms of the lists we gave you.If you have a weak imune system or you have asthma, diabetes, or other chronic medical conditions your most likely to get a prescription from your doctor


Alzheimer's Disease


Alzheimer’s Disease is a big problem all around the world. What should we do about this problem and how is it affecting this world. A lot of people don’t even know about alzheimer’s disease. I hope after this you know about this disease and what it can do.
 ​What is Alzheimer's Disease?​​

This disease is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions.

How do you get Alzheimer's Disease?

This disease is caused by brain cell death the brain cells die over time. The total brain size shrinks because of alzheimer’s. The tissue also has fewer nerve cells and connections.


At first you have increasing forgetfulness or mild confusion it might be all you notice through the disease. But later on the disease makes you forget of your memory especially your recent memory’s. Sometimes you don’t even notice you have this disease.  

Changes in Behavior?

This disease can change the way you act and the way you feel. You can experience Depression, Apathy, Social withdrawal, Mood swings, Distrust in others Irritability and aggressiveness, Changes in sleeping habits, Wandering, Loss of inhibitions, and Delusions, such as believing something has been stolen.

Diagnosis and Treatment?

There is no specific test that tells you have alzheimer’s but sometimes your doctor can tell if you have alzheimer's. The only time they know if you have alzheimer’s when you die. With examination of the brain it will reveal the characteristics of the plaque and tangles.


In Conclusion, this is how people are affected by this disease I hope people can realize from this how people are hurt by this. Maybe one day we can find a way to save people from this terrible terrible disease.

The Great Barrier Reef

By: Trent B.

   The Great Barrier Reef is a great treasure of the world, it provides shelter and habitats to sea life, protects Australia from massive waves and Tropical storms off the coast of Australia, and is an important piece of nature.
   The Great Barrier Reef is located off the coast of North Australia in Queensland. The reef is massive with an area of 134,634 square miles, because of its vastness it can be seen from space. The reef is in the coral sea taking up a majority of the sea. It is made of large amounts of coral and wreckage.
   In the reef many different types of sea life live on the reef, much of the life is full of fish such as yellowtail snapper and grouper. It also has whales that migrate from the North and is home to many more endangered species. With all of the life on the reef, it is also a living organism. The reef is made of coral and coral is a live organism.
   The reef is a big asset to mankind and animals, but its dying. Warm water is pushed into the reef and the plankton to protect the reef are dying, and the corals or being killed. They are dying from bleaching the warm water causes the corals to turn pale and then die. Scientist think that this is why there is climate change

Top 5 Dangerous Walks to School
By: Kenneth Do

1:Zanskar of The Himalayas

In Zanskar,Himalayas, Kids have to hike to go to school. Luckily they go to a boarding school so they dont everyday.

2: Zhang Jiawan Village Of Southern China

​​In Zhang Jiawan Village  of Sothern China,children have to climb unsecured ladders up a montain to school every day.


Here children who go to Zulu Elementary take a five hour long trip along a clif edge to get to school. If your afrad  of heights beware!!!

​4:Lebak, Indonesia

Lebek, Indonesia has kids walking across broken suspension bridges and have their parents walk them to school to make them get there on time.

​5:Rio Negro River

In Columbia, kids fly through the air on a steel cable 400 metr above the rio Negro River. This is also something people with acrophobia would not like
Who Founded McDonald's?
I bet you’re wondering who really is the founder of Mcdonalds. Maybe you’ve heard people say that Ray Kroc is the founder of McDonald's, and maybe he is. But the real founders, the mcdonalds brothers, invented mcdonalds, but later sold it to Ray Kroc, who then franchised it and turned into a huge fast food business. Are you wondering what the story is behind this addicting fast food restaurant? Keep reading, and find out!

    For those of you that might of watched the movie The Founder, you’ll know that the first people to invent McDonald’s were two brilliant brothers named Richard “Dick” McDonald and Maurice “Mac” McDonald. They invented the entire base of McDonald’s, the “fast-food” idea. This business wasn’t the only business they had. In the past, they had hot dog stands that didn’t last, and eventually they switched to the famous hamburger. They based their entire restaurant on hamburgers and french fries.

     Later on in 1954, businessman Ray Kroc found a small little restaurant in San Bernardino, California. Dick and Mac McDonald ran the McDonald’s and were looking for a new agent and Ray Kroc saw an opportunity. The next year he founded the McDonald’s System Inc., and six years later he bought the exclusive rights to the McDonald’s name. He helped McDonald’s become a worldwide restaurant. He franchised it and helped it become what it is now.

    Unfortunately, the McDonald brothers both passed away a couple years ago. Mac McDonald died of heart failure at the age 69 on December 11, 1971. Dick McDonald died of old age on July 14, 1998. Also, the famous founder of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc, also died on January 14, 1984. The McDonald brothers, and Ray Kroc both left amazing legacies and they will always be remembered for the amazing accomplishments they did in life. I’m sure that they would be beyond happy to see that we all love McDonald’s!


Ray Kroc

What camera is best for taking pictures?

  When looking for a camera to take a picture with you have to get the right quality,lense,etc.To have a good picture it takes time and quality to find the perfect camera and picture.So today we will be looking at some of the best quality cameras.We will find out what SLR and DSLR means and what they do.

  Let's get to the basics,what is a camera? A camera is a device for recording visual images in the form of photographs,films,or video signals. Another thing to know or keep in mind is the point and shoot of a camera.What is point and shoot you may ask.A point-and-shoot camera, also known as compact camera, is a still camera designed primarily for simple operation.

  SLR and DSLR are two different types of the many types of cameras in the world.SLR means single lense reflex. SLR (single lens reflex) refers to the way these camera's work. When a photographer presses the shutter button, a mirror flips out of the way to reveal the sensor. Some people also refer to them as DSLR, with the D being short for digital. DSLR stands for digital single-lense reflex. A digital single-lens reflex camera (also called a digital SLR or DSLR) is a digital camera that combines the optics and the mechanisms of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor, as opposed photographic film.

  What’s the difference between SLR and DSLR?DSLR and SLR cameras both reflect light that enters through the lens using a mirror so that an image can be seen in a viewfinder. However, an SLR camera uses a film made of plastic, gelatin and other material to record the image a DSLR captures the image digitally, on a memory card. The final question which one is better DSLR or SLR.Sometimes people use the term SLR incorrectly when they simply mean a 35mm film SLR. But technically DSLRs and SLRs are the same thing, except for the media the image is recorded upon. Both are Single Lens Reflex cameras which take interchangeable lenses and have a mirror, pentaprism and optical viewfinder.
  Basically both cameras are good but which is the best? Well we believe that both are different but they have the same thing except for the media. So it basically depends on what you need or which media you need.

McDonald's Fries
story by: Matthew White, Luis Cabrera, Jules Cappetelli

That's Not All

     Not to mention, the fact that McDonald’s has a few rumors, but the one we're talking about is how it seems like they fill their fry containers. The big company denies the fact that they do, in fact, pinch their fry containers to make them seem full. This is proven by a Reddit user by the name of ExperiMENTAL Bunny. They said, as a McDonald’s employee, that they do in fact get trained to do this. They stated, “I only had one customer call me out on it. He shook the fries out into his bag and poured them back into the fry carton himself and it only filled up halfway, so I had to give him more fries." This proves that the rumor is true. Many customers complain about this issue. Inside and outside of McDonalds. McDonald’s even debunked the post, and kept telling Business Insider that the post was false. This all came from a thread by the name of “What did your job want you to hide from your customers?”
     To conclude, McDonald’s has plenty of things up their sleeves that they don’t want anyone to know about. They protect their secrets so much, they will make internet drama. Even though everyone knows that there’s something up with the business and something shady is going on behind the scenes, people still keep defending them, including defending themselves.

Those Fries You Love so Much!

     Obesity, cancer, asthma, all in a pack of fries. McDonald’s fries, to be exact. In McDonald’s fries, many people have deconstructed what they’re made of, including figuring out their secrets. Tune in to figure out what they are exactly made of, and one of their secrets.


     To begin with, McDonald’s fries aren’t made of just potatoes, not even “premium” potatoes according to their website. In reality, they’ve been made with about ten different kinds of ingredients. Who needs ten different ingredients for some fries?! Out of ten of the ingredients, three are oils. Canola oil, soybean oil, and hydrogenated soybean oil. The seven other ingredients are potatoes, natural beef flavor, hydrolyzed wheat, hydrolyzed milk, tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), dimethylpolysiloxane, and dextrose. Out of all of those, the three most concerning and intriguing ingredients are TBHQ, dimethylpolysiloxane, and hydrogenated soybean oil. Why? Dimethylpolysiloxane is an ingredient in Silly Putty. Think of how many other foods have Silly Putty in them, it really puts a thought in someone’s head, right? TBHQ is a type of phenol, pretty much making McDonald’s fries good, forever, like they never expire. And finally, Hydrogenated soybean oil. It can cause cancer, obesity, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, reproductive issues, bone degeneration, and decreased immune system function. Every effect of this is seriously messed up, counting that most people know McDonald’s for their delicious french fries. This was all stated by Ashley Lutz on Business Insider’s page, “McDonald’s denies a viral rumor it was using a trick to give you few fries”.

Daylight Savings

Why do we need it?

Whey need it because We change our clocks during the summer months to move an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening .

What happens in Other Countries?

Who created Daylight Savings Time?

Most areas in North America and Europe, and some areas in the Middle East, observe daylight saving time(DST), while most areas of Africa and Asia do not. In South America, most countries in the north of the continent near the equator do not observe DST, while Paraguay and southern parts of Brazil do. The practice of observing daylight saving time in Oceania is also mixed, with New Zealand and parts of southeastern Australia observing DST, while most other areas do not.

The idea of resetting clocks forward an hour in the spring and back an hour in the fall was first suggested by Benjamin Franklin in his essay "An Economical Project for Diminishing the Cost of Light," which was published in the Journal de Paris in April 1784.Franklin's suggestion was largely overlooked until it was brought up again in 1907 by Englishman William Willett, who penned a pamphlet called "The Waste of Daylight." Although the British House of Commons rejected Willett's proposal to advance the clock one hour in the spring and back again in autumn in 1908, British Summer Time was introduced by the Parliament in 1916.