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​A WORLD Class Middle School!
Meeting new teachers 

 Why is Teaching Fun
  According to “Why Teaching is Fun” the text said that teachers get to see those “light bulb” moments when everything just clicks for a student. Also teachers can explore the world with their students by going on field trips. Another reason why teaching is fun because teachers are a role models to students. Also teachers see growth and improvement.

 Challenges New Teachers Face
 According to research, “Student achievement tend to be significantly worse in the classroom of first year teachers before rising in teachers’ second or third year”. Also in the text it said “new teachers are particularly unprepared for dealing with class behavior.

 What do Teachers Do?
 Teachers make sure their classroom are safe and welcome for student.They work long hours spending their own limited resources. They also enjoy working with students and other teachers. Teachers rely on each other for encouragement and inspiration.  

Question:What inspired you to work as a Junior Leadership Program teacher?  
Answer: I want to make better Citizens. And making students better leaders.
Question:What are the challenges you face as a teacher?        Answer: That every student is different and making sure every student gets work done. Also it is tough to find how to show them what to do so that everyone understands.
Question: What is fun about being a teacher?                Answer: Being around student and doing cool stuff with them.

  Caloosa Middle School
 Many teachers have been here for a years. But don't you wonder about new teachers? Many New teachers have fun some others face challenges. Let's meet a new teacher!

Meet The People Who Make Caloosa Awesome: Dr.Cole

Who is Dr.Cole?
​Ann F Cole is the principal of Caloosa Middle School (CWMS). She is super nice and smart and she likes spending time with kids even though she doesn’t get much. Dr. Cole makes sure that teachers and students have a good time.

Dr.Cole is a graduate New York University (NYU) for her Masters degree and Barry University for her PhD and her Doctors Degree.

Is She A Good Principal?
She is a good principal because It is hard to win teachers over when you haven’t been one yourself, so Dr.Cole was a teacher before being a principal. They need to know how teachers feel and how they think. She is a good principal because she likes to spend time with kids and teachers and getting to know them. Dr.Cole has her own style, she’s always wearing a dress with sunglasses and high heels.

The challenges Dr.Cole has to face are that there aren't  enough hours in the day to visit classes and talk to teachers and students because she spends all day answering emails from the district and signing papers.

What is the thing you like most about being a middle school teacher?
Dr.Cole likes to watch 6th graders grow into 8th graders.She also likes seeing the 6th graders go to highschool at the same height and size as they were when the 8th graders made fun of them.

Dr.Cole became a teacher and then principal because she gets to be around kids all day and to see them grow and change. And she says it’s the best job.

Dr.Cole is the principal of Caloosa MIddle School, she is a good principal because she understands the teachers, she was a teacher herself, she likes to spend time with students and teachers, and she has her own style. She went to Barry University for her Doctores and PhD and she went to NYU for her masters.

Interviewing Ms. LoPresti
by: Hunter Elliott
I am new to this school so I am trying to know some teachers by interveiwing them hear is one.

Question # 1

​​Why did you want to become an art teacher?
The answer is because she loves art and wants to show passion for art by teaching it. Mrs. LoPresti also wanted to be an art teacher because she wants to teach students different types of art. She also thinks she wants to give them a chance to become artists if they want to.

Question # 2

There are many types of art. Painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, ceramics, textiles, origami, cubism, animation, and poster art. Computer art, landscape art, pottery, illustration, junk art, outside art, primitive art, and rock art. Sand art, history art, abstract art,and video art. These are some types of art there are many many more types. What is Mrs.LoPresti’s favorite type of art? Her favorite type of art is photography. She really likes that type of art.

Question # 3

There are many challenges to be a teacher like balancing learning needs for all of the students. Also making sure all students get the lessons and learn well, making sure they know what to do in the ‘’real world’’ and understand. Teachers need to know what is going on in the school. They also need to help parents and students meet long-term goals.  

What challenges does Ms.LoPresti have?
 Her challenges are she has trouble finding time to teach all art to all students. Remember there are many many types of art for her to teach and little time.

 What makes a good reading teacher?


 Why did you become a teacher 

She said ¨I have been teaching reading for the last 13 years and love working with teenagers. I work really hard to make sure that each student finds something to become passionate about reading.¨ and in my observation on her she makes sure that all are paying attention and a part of what's going on this class. In my research i found out that to be a good or great teacher you got to  have a love of learning and knowledge of discipline and classroom management techniques and a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people. With all these qualities required to becoming a good teacher.
It can be hard to answer this questions, sometimes it can depend on the teachers character or the class behavior on her/him. This teacher said because my degree is in lang arts and reading so i taught language arts first year and i hated grading essays so i picked reading instead. This is telling us that she likes teacher in one this but the other not so much she became a ELA teacher and she didn't like is so she became a Reading teacher and she liked it so she decided to become one. And with her degree if fitted her well.

About Miss. Ford 
Reading Teacher

Miss. ford is great teacher to interview she's got a lot to say about this school and her job. She loves to read and to teach her students new activities. She ties to teach them sometimes she succeeded but sometimes she doesn't but when she doesn't she ties harder and than succeededs. She wants us to learn and to pass her class and all the classes  with high grades. So all their futures can be high and bright for us all.

What are callenges in the cl assroom

There are lots of challenges in the classroom from fights all the way to attitudes from the students but this teacher can tell us more about that  I struggle to keep everyone engaged or on task so they all have have a good learning environment, but at the end most get work done and pass with high grades, but the ones that don't are the ones i focus on the most. This teacher passes through some hard times but she gets most on task and the others she tries to help them stay focus so they can pass with high grades