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-Jim Rohn

The Black Plague

​     We know that the black plague had multiple occurrences in the 14th century, but do they still occur? According to my sources, about 14 cases of the black plague were reported in 2015. Although it isn’t that common, it’s still around. Hopefully in the future we’ll find a way to totally get rid of this deadly plague.

What is the black plague?

    In 1338-1339 the first traces of black plague were discovered in Central Asia, but what exactly is this deadly plague? Well, the black plague is an incredibly disturbing disease with a mortality rate of around 95%. So only around 5% of the unlucky people that catch this plague live. Let’s talk about some cases in which the black plague had a massive effect on its target.
     The black plague first hit Europe in 1347, within only 3 years this plague had killed just about ⅓ of Europe’s entire population. That’s about 1,233,333 killed in just 1,095 days. So from 1347-1350 the black plague was killing about 1,126 people a day on average. Not only did the plague hit Europe, but like stated earlier, it first hit Central Asia. This time, it was said to have killed around 5 million people. As you can see, this was quite a deadly disease...but what exactly were the symptoms?
     The black plague’s symptoms tend to mimic the symptoms of the common flu. According to http://www.medicinenet.com, symptoms consist of “fever, headache, chills, weakness, and swollen, tender lymph glands.” Seeing this, it seems it would be hard to diagnose the black plague, good thing we have such advanced medicine. Apparently, people diagnosed with black plague need to be treated immediately, if not it may result in death.


Everyone from babies to elders has had an experience with plastic. Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles an hour. Americans generate 10.5 million tons of plastic waste a year but recycle only 1 to 2% of it. An estimated 14 billion pounds of trash, much of it plastic, is dumped in the world's oceans every year.
What can this bacteria do?
A team of Japanese scientist have discovered a wonderful bacteria that could save the world from plastic waste. This new bacteria eats plastic found in most plastic bottles. They named this bacteria Ideonella sakaiensis. The researchers report that a group of these bacteria working this way could break down a thin film of plastic over the course of six weeks if the temperature was kept at 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
How do they do this?
It used two enzymes to break down the PET. After adhering to the PET surface, the bacteria secretes an enzyme onto the PET to generate an intermediate chemical. That chemical is then taken up by the cell, where another enzyme breaks it down even further, providing the bacteria with carbon and energy to grow.
What does this mean for earth?
Essentially this plastic eating bacteria can save us from plastic waste. The process will be time consuming but it will be a plus for the world. It could help us and if we use it correctly it will help really good. Scientist are looking to see if there are more bacteria that have an appetite for plastic.

Space Station Falling


China confirms that space station is falling to earth.China also says that the space station would be falling to earth by late 2017.Since China doesn't have control of the space station they can say exactly when it is going to be falling down to earth.Tiangong-1 is the name of the space station and no one really knows by when or where it is going to be re-entering earthś atmosphere.Although no one might be injured in the process of it going in it could still leave some parts of it stranded in the ocean or in a random state.

More About The Station 

The Space Station

Tiangong-1 was supposed to be a laboratory and a testbed to test and perform certain tests.The space station was operated for 2 years before anything went wrong to make it fall into earthś atmosphere.On September 29th,2011 the Tiangong-1 was launched.  The space station finished 2 orbital transfers.The space station weighs 8 metric tons and served itś purpose before breaking down.Tiangong-1 is also a prototype which might explain why it is falling down since there might have been some problems with it.
The space station is said to be out of control and could crash down any day.It is also said that most pieces of the space station will burn up while re-entering the atmosphere of earth.China says that you can calculate these things and that even a few days before it falls we still won´t know and we will only know a few hours before it falls down to earth and crashes down somewhere in our planet.The space station is also 10.4m long and was home to a lot of unmanned space shuttles.

The Nobel  Prize in Literature was Awarded to Bob Dylan. What is a  Nobel Prize?

Quick History

 Bob Dylan is one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the 20th century whose career began in the early 1960s with songs that chronicled social issues like war and civil rights.

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2016 was awarded to Bob Dylan "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition".

You might ask, what is a Nobel Prize? Well,The Nobel prize is one of the most important awards that anyone can receive. Nobel prizes are given each year in six subject areas. The areas are physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace, and economics. The prizes honor people anywhere in the world who have done outstanding work in one of these areas.

The Nobel peace prize is named after Alfred B. Nobel. He was a swedish chemist and engineer who invented dynamite.He left $9 million in his will to establish the Nobel prizes, which are awarded annually.

Winning a Nobel Prize is a huge honor. Whether the laureate is an internationally known figure (such as Mother Teresa or Barack Obama, winners of the 1979 and 2009 Peace Prize, respectively)The award brings that person worldwide recognition to him/her and that person’s life’s work.

John Locke

By: Makayla Turner & Jimei Lin

      Do you want to change the world? Before you answer let’s hear about a man name John Locke, and why he is significant to our history. John Locke is an important person and is significant to history in many ways. Examples are he wrote the Second Treatise of Government, and explained a new way to understand the social contract. 
       To begin with, John Locke was born on August 29, 1632 in Wrington, Somerset, England, and died on October 28, 1702 in Essex. He was an Enlightenment philosopher and believed in natural rights. He wrote The Second Treatise of Government with ideas that all men are equal, they are not subject to anybody, and have the right to defend themselves and their property. This is significant because without his idea and the details he used to support his idea we would not have our government today.  Also the Second Treatise of Government was used by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independents.
      Not only did he support equal rights, but he also supported having a social contract. He believed in the social contract only if the ruler has the right and talent to protect the people. If the ruler fails to protect the people then the contract would be broken. When it is broken the people have the right to overthrow the government and choose a new leader. This is significant because during his time period and it’s location people did not have full freedom. This contract is most effective when a country is ruled by a tyrant. The reason we are great today might be because of this contract.
     To wrap it all up, John Locke is an important historical figure. He is the creator of the Second Treatises on Government, and explained a new way of understanding the social contract. Without him we might not be the free country that we are today. Changing the world can be an impossible thing but if he can do it so can you.

Earthquakes, how do they work?

Everyone knows that earthquakes are an incredibly dangerous natural disaster, but how do they work? Well, that’s what we’re here for, to hopefully answer your main questions about these disasters.

How are they formed?

How are earthquakes formed? Well, according to my research, earthquakes are formed when rocks underground break apart. This causes a sudden release of energy, which later releases seismic waves that make the earth vibrate.
The effects earthquakes can have on their targets can vary, depending on how intense the earthquake is. They can cause houses and building to fall apart, landslides and even floods may be caused, if the earthquake happens to destroy a dam.

How dangerous can they be?

Just like hurricanes, earthquakes also have a sort of ‘rating’ based on danger. To the right is the scale of effects, magnitude and the amount that occur each year.

No matter how dangerous the earthquake may be, make sure you stay safe and take precautions to keep out of any serious danger.
Aerodynamics is the study of how air moves and mostly how it interacts with solid objects, like NASCAR cars. Aerodynamics is responsible for the new, round shape of today's cars. That's why you might see a car directly behind a semi truck and in NASCAR, tou might see a car directly behind another car. That's called drafting. 
The Plymoth Superbird 

 The Plymouth Superbird is a aerodynamic car with a huge rear “fin” and a front spoiler for outstanding aerodynamics. The car was released in 1970 but only for the track. That means they are not street legal.  

Drafting in NASCAR 
Drafting has helped drivers ever since 1960 when Junion Johnson used drafting to help him win the Daytona 500. When he found out that strategy could help him get the win, he took that to his advantage. Ever sience then, NASCAR drivers have used drafting to win races and earn points and scientists have been studying the airflow of cars ever since then. 

Large Hadron Collider

Why Does It Matter?

The Large Hadron Collider is already making scientific discoveries. In 2012, scientists discovered a new fundamental particle, the Higgs Boson, which is a particle that is believed to make up the mass of an atom. Physicists hope that the LHC can answer many unanswered questions in physics that concern basic laws, and interactions between the basic forces of the universe as well as interactions between quantum mechanics. (which deals with subatomic particles)  and general relativity (which deals with gravity, space, and time) Arguably the most fascinating purpose of it, is that scientists also use it to study the nature of the hypothetical “dark matter”, which is believed to make up %27 of the Universe. (!!!)

Scientific Accomplishments
The most well known one happened in 2012, when researchers and scientists at CERN confirmed a discovery of a new particle: the Higgs Boson. The Higgs Boson gives all matter, from the largest planets, to the tiniest particles. It also discovered Tetraquarks, which is a new particle made of four quarks. (quarks combine with each other to make particles such as hadrons, and protons) Although these may not sound like much, in the world of science, this can lay the foundation to new theories, and discoveries.


In conclusion, The Hadron Collider is arguably one of mankind’s greatest achievements due to its amazing accomplishments. The Large Hadron Collider can also be considered as a great achievement seeing that it helps scientists discover new things about previously unknown objects, such as dark matter. The LHC can continue to baffle scientists with its still unknown capabilities.

by Lance Ladia

Basic Information:
-world’s largest, most powerful, most complex experimental facility
-built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), between 1998 and 2008.
-the largest single machine in the world.
-located in a tunnel near Geneva, Switzerland. The tunnel is 574 ft deep (175 metres), and has a circumference of 27 kilometers (16 miles!)
-first research run took place on March 30, 2010
How it Works:
Inside the accelerator, two very high energy beams travel close to the speed of light, going in opposite directions. They travel in separate tubes which are kept in a vacuum (a space with no matter) which are guided by a very strong magnetic field. The magnets focus the beams, and just prior to the collision, a magnet is used to compact the beams, to increase chances of collisions. The particles themselves are so small, CERN compares it to trying to get two needles to hit each other at 10 kilometers.

BlackholesBy: Makayla Turner, and Jimei Lin 

      ZAP! You’re gone, where did you go?! You’ve entered the black hole. What is a black hole, and where do you disappear to when you enter one? This all is a mystery, but you can be the first one to solve the mystery by continue reading. Black holes can be deadly but yet like a fantasy.
    To begin with, what are black holes? Black holes are leftover pieces of dead stars.A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much even light cannot escape. The intense gravitational pull is formed when matter is squeeze into tiny space. Also black holes are invisible to humans naked eyes, they cannot be seen. Space telescopes with special tools can help identify them. Black holes can be the best hiding place for personal secrets.
    Is there another side to a black hole? Even though, black holes look like a magical passageway from one place to another, they can kill you in seconds. There is no other side to a black hole. It will give you a quick death, and then your mass will be added increasing its size. Black holes are black because even light cannot escape its extreme gravitational pull. In theory it takes an infinite amount of time for you to become a part of the black hole. Maybe one day we can actually build a black hole that transports human!
    Black holes are left over pieces of dying stars. Even though, black holes look like magical passages to another dimension they can kill you in seconds. Black holes are exceptional. In the future our sun will die and become a black hole. It will destroy our solar system. Hopefully by that time we’ve entered a new Earth and be called “aliens”.

Join Abby, Carolina, and Patty as they walk around the school and interview our wonderful teachers! The Cougar Press, is happy to welcome you to Teacher Interviews!  

What is 

     Hey all you middle schoolers! Yes, I am talking to you, listen up! Since we were little, our parents all told us the same thing, that doing well in school will be worth it in the future. We have all heard it before, and I am sure that we have all have thought that there would never be anything that would be worth doing all kinds of extra work at school for. Well, now there is! For all of you who are reading this, I have a few questions to ask you. Do you love school? Are you someone who always loves to go above and beyond no matter the challenges you may face? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you just might have what it takes to become a member of the National Junior Honor Society! So join me, as I explain to you how it all started, how to become a member, and a few of the many benefits of being a member.


To begin with, before we talk about the fancy stuff, let us take a moment to talk about the story behind NJHS. It all started in 1929, when a group of people known as the National Association of Secondary School Principals, or NASSP for short, came up with the idea to create a society that recognizes outstanding middle school students in grades sixth and seventh. Eighth graders are not allowed to be admitted, because the induction ceremony is at the end of each school year, and eighth graders will be in high school the next year. However, these eighth graders may be inducted into the National Honors Society, which was created eight years earlier, in 1921. This society would recognize outstanding middle school students who have gone above and beyond the requirements for that grade level. This society was also used as a tool to help motivate other middle schoolers to also go above and beyond to ensure good grades.

     In addition, now that we have gone over the origins of this great society, let us take some time to go over how to become a member of NJHS. To start, to become a member of NJHS, you must meet the following requirements. To get inducted you must, have a grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or an overall percent of eighty five or higher. You must also be willing to perform a required amount of hours of community service. As well as community service, you also need to be trustworthy, as well as helpful, and responsible. Meet these requirements, and you will be in NJHS in no time at all.

    To continue, this fine society is also filled with many benefits. One of which can actually help fund for college. According to their official website, each year NJHS picks 500 members to be given something called the NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award. This award is only given to members who always go above and beyond what they need to do to succeed in the society. In addition to an achievement award, NJHS also helps members develop good career skills that large businesses look for when choosing employees to work for them.

    In summary, NJHS is good for anyone who stand out more than the rest. From highlighting excellent students, to being full of great benefits that help people become greatly successful, NJHS is perfect for anybody who wants to be a successful individual. So work hard, and try your best, and I can almost guarantee that the next member of NJHS will in fact be you.

​Nike Self-Lacing Shoes


The shoes from back to the future are finally a reality. So much popularity has gone towards the self-lacing shoes that nike made it a reality. Back to the future predicted that the shoes and the hoverboard would be available by now,the shoes are available but unfortunately the hoverboard isn’t.We have the whole scoop for you for the new Air Mags Nike’s self-lacing shoes.

More About Them

The  Nike Air Mags cost 10,000. These shoes are supposedly the future of shoes and they might as well be them. They have a small motor on the back with a battery that gives power and controls the lights and sensors. A sensor is sitting on the bottom of the shoe which knows when you put your foot in so it can self lace. The Nike Air Mags were the first Nike shoes invented originally for a movie .

They were designed by a man named Tinker Haven Hatfield in 2005 . They came as easily as they went . In 2011 they were out for selling , they left  and recently came back in 2016 . Nike air mags were not originally self tieing until a woman named Tiffany Beers . The shoes sold at it highest was $37 , 500 , but now they are currently $10,000 . The reason as to why these shoes cost so much is because the time and effort put into them . Also the amount of energy that is made with them and put inside of them .

In conclusion , these shoes were made for a movie called “Back To The Future Part 2” They cost a lot of money . They were designed and processed by two different people . They cost a lot of money and they are the new “Hot thing“ going on . Everybody is talking about these !

Sky Slide

The Slide

People thought it was impossible, a glass slide on the side of a building is not your everyday thing. People go inside the skyscraper just to ride the slide. Doesn’t matter if people have jumped off planes or climbed mountains because this slide is especially something to remember. The U.S  Bank Tower is the first tower to have this amazing all glass slide.
Slides on the sides of buildings are pretty new but definitely cool . A whole glass might be your next vacation so this article might have helped you!


Above the beautiful streets of Las Vegas,a giant glass slide stands on the side of a building . A glass slide built for pure entertainment and can even be called a mini amusement .The slide is completely made out of glass and is going to be a huge thing for this skyscraper. It is a huge marvel and we are going to tell you more about it ! Now this slide might be the big next thing so here is more information .

About The Slide

This slide is 45 feet long and 1,000 feet above the ground . This slide is located in downtown Los Angeles , on the outside of the U.S Bank Tower. This building is so far the tallest building in the U.S west of Mississippi , making the slide look even more scary and nerve wrecking . The slide transports people from the 70th floor to the outside of the 69th floor . The glass that the slide is made out of is only 1.25 inches thick , it’s suppose to withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 110 mph .