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How has the School evolved over the years?

Breif summary

This is a New School Year for every student! Caloosa Middle School has made many
impacting and new decisions and policies for this year. Have you heard of the new phone
policy? Have you heard of the Courtyard policy? Well, here’s some journalists to tell a little
something on their opinion of these new policies, teachers, and past experiences. We, CMS’s journalists will tell you
about  some 7th and 8th graders personal opinions on this year comparing
to recent and past years. Let’s Goooooo!_
To start off the interviews we went to Caloosa Middle School’s Media Center/Library. We interviewed a 7th grader that was in the Media Center and these were her opinions.
We interviewed Stella King, a 7th grader that attends Caloosa Middle School this year and also last year.. We started off by introducing ourselves to her. After that we started the first question off with, How has the School Evolved over the years? “Well, considering last year and this year people are doing more work with the phone policy.” “Can you elaborate on that”? “ The school has gotten rid of the phone policy, which kinda make it easier for the other students to focus more in class and get more work done.”

Next we asked,  How do you think the teachers different teaching methods have helped you, Why, which teachers?  Her answer was,  “I think Ms.Smith because she does a lot of interactive work so, everybody is working together and her methods are very creative when she interacts with students or me.” As Well as many other people agreeing with her opinion. Last but, not least we asked, How have Teacher contributed to your success? Stella believed that, “They pushed me to work me harder, they also give  more work to push me and help me do better in class. Some have given me second chances in class to do better.Next we interviewed Syvannah Burton, an 8th grader that has been here last year as well. We asked her How the School has evolved over the years. Her opinion/answer was “I feel the school has gotten more strict on its policies, and we are not allowed to leave the classroom without a castle pass.”Can you elaborate on that, we asked. “Yes, school, kept the rules but, heightened them to a more strict way. Next we asked How do you think the teachers different teaching methods have helped you, Why, which teachers? Syvannah made a very specific answer. “ “My 7th grade civics teacher (Ms.Brantley) because most teacher just gave me work to do but, this teacher gave me interactive work to interact with me and everybody to learn a easier way to learn.” Yes, is there anything else you would like to include, “No thank you”. Last but not least we asked her how Teachers have contributed to your success, as for this question Syvannah strengthened her opinion. ““Most teachers don’t really have an impact on my education, or not that I know of.  If they have a positive or negative attitude that affects my personal attitude. Like, if the teacher is negative it makes me feel negative.”Even though this was her opinion many people feel they agree with it as well.

The New Caloosa

The  New Caloosa  
By: Hailey Rea, Izzy J

The 6th Graders
So what i’ve seen so far is that the are pretty… i have no clue how to say it i guess they are more prepared for middle school then we were. We were “lost” you could say. Some of them are getting lost and being late. But they are nice from the ones i have met. Some say there is drama this year ( i personally hope there isn’t as much as last year). Most of the 6th graders have a bad attitude towards us older kids, but what can you do?
New Policies and Rules
      The most known policy is the NO phones policy.. Like kids try to test teachers to see their limits, most teachers are strict about no phones period but there are the select few that are niver like if it falls some teachers take it but some teachers let it slide as long as you're not on it. The students have a different opinion. I personally think the phones last year was a privilege and we abused it so the privilege was taken away as expected. But some people say that it’s not fair, but it’s totally fair and that’s not what they're seeing. They think that it’s my phone i should be able to use it but no from the hours of 9:15 to 4:00 it’s not allowed out keep it in your locker. Just don’t cause problems. But that’s enough of that let’s talk about the bathroom pass in castle? Yeah you heard me correct to go to the bathroom now you are timed on castle, also now castle generates your punishments based on what you have done most likly lunch detention. So yes they are getting a lot more strict this year. Oh yeah in between periods they have not 1 but 2 security guards roaming the halls. Don’t try to pull anything this year.

Who Founded McDonald's?
I bet you’re wondering who really is the founder of Mcdonalds. Maybe you’ve heard people say that Ray Kroc is the founder of McDonald's, and maybe he is. But the real founders, the mcdonalds brothers, invented mcdonalds, but later sold it to Ray Kroc, who then franchised it and turned into a huge fast food business. Are you wondering what the story is behind this addicting fast food restaurant? Keep reading, and find out!

    For those of you that might of watched the movie The Founder, you’ll know that the first people to invent McDonald’s were two brilliant brothers named Richard “Dick” McDonald and Maurice “Mac” McDonald. They invented the entire base of McDonald’s, the “fast-food” idea. This business wasn’t the only business they had. In the past, they had hot dog stands that didn’t last, and eventually they switched to the famous hamburger. They based their entire restaurant on hamburgers and french fries.

     Later on in 1954, businessman Ray Kroc found a small little restaurant in San Bernardino, California. Dick and Mac McDonald ran the McDonald’s and were looking for a new agent and Ray Kroc saw an opportunity. The next year he founded the McDonald’s System Inc., and six years later he bought the exclusive rights to the McDonald’s name. He helped McDonald’s become a worldwide restaurant. He franchised it and helped it become what it is now.

    Unfortunately, the McDonald brothers both passed away a couple years ago. Mac McDonald died of heart failure at the age 69 on December 11, 1971. Dick McDonald died of old age on July 14, 1998. Also, the famous founder of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc, also died on January 14, 1984. The McDonald brothers, and Ray Kroc both left amazing legacies and they will always be remembered for the amazing accomplishments they did in life. I’m sure that they would be beyond happy to see that we all love McDonald’s!


Ray Kroc