Halloween N’ History

In all, you never need to take Halloween that seriously, it's a holiday made for kids to have fun during dusk. There are spooky costumes people wear also, but that's just part of the fun. Sure it's related to the dead in a way, but not a lot of people see it as just that. Because it's just a day. Any normal day that anyone can do anything. It's just that some go out near night and ask for candy.

Halloween                    ​Jaeda Leisure

        The day that children dress up and ask strangers for candy at each of their doors. October 31, Halloween. Marking the end of summer and the cold beginning of the winter season. The most commonly heard phrase used during this day is “Trick or Treat?” In which back in the day it was kind of used as a threat saying if you did not give them treats they would ‘trick’ you.
         Halloween originally was celebrated by the Celtic pagans hundreds of years ago. Some say it was from the pagan festival of Samhain, it meant “Summers End”. Though, many don't think it was just that that created Halloween as a whole. The Christians did it, Scotland and Wales as well. I guess Halloween is a mix of all them together.
        There are also Halloween supersitions. One superstition out of the many that are says if you hear footsteps behind you on Halloween night, don’t look back. For it may be the soul of the dead, and you can die as well. One other belief says that a person born on Halloween is completely protected from evil spirits or ghosts. Even so, that they can see and converse with the dead. Who knows, it could be true?