Wildmen stories are found among the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Anthropologist and cryptozoologist Grover Krantz has written that stories of the indigenous population which can be confidently related to the Sasquatch, correspond to the areas where white Americans have reported similar sightings.  According to David Deagling, the legends existed before there was a single name for the creature.They differed in their details both regionally and between families in the same community. Similar accounts and legends of wild men are found on every continent except  Antarctica
Ecologist  Robert Pyle argues that most cultures have accounts of human-like giants in their folk history, expressing a need for "some larger-than-life creature." Each language had its own name for the creature featured in the local version of such legends. Many names meant something along the lines of "wild man" or "hairy man", although other names described common actions it was said to perform, such as eating clams or shaking trees.Chief Mischelle of the lytton british columbia told such a story to charles hill tout in 1898; he named the creature by a Sailshan variant meaning "the benign-faced-one".


Are these animals dangerous? Do they even exist?

An unidentified predator had mutilated the animals' necks. By the time the television cameras arrived, the rumor of a Chupacabra attack, Chile's first, was spreading fast through the slender Pacific nation.  No one has ever caught a Chupacabra, though plenty of eyewitnesses claim to have seen one.Eyewitness accounts during a rash of alleged attacks in 1995, many in Puerto Rico, described the animal as having a "reptilian body, oval head, bulging red eyes, fanged teeth and long, darting tongue,"

Why did Gucci stop selling fur?
Published By: Angelina Soltan-Frey

 ​  Furthermore, Where did all the fur that they had go? Apparently ALL of their  fur will be getting bought for thousands and millions of dollars at an auction. Also surprisingly Gucci isn't keeping all the money to themselves, all the proceeds from the auction will go to the Animal Humane Society and Italian animal rights organization LAV.  Also the Animal Humane Society said the Gucci move was a "huge game-changer" for the world of fashion. The society noted that Armani, Hugo Boss, Yoox Net-a-Porter and Stella McCartney are fashion companies that already refuse to use fur in their clothing. Moreover the animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has long protested against fur in fashion and announced there great news. Meanwhile  according to Yahoo Finance UBS research said "We believe there is still more upside to earnings and FCF (free cash flow) from Gucci's renewed momentum than the market is pricing in, and sit 5 percent ahead of 2018 EPS forecasts". And of course ahead of third quarter figures UBS has raised their 2017 estimated EPS (earnings per share) by 3 percent and their 2018 estimate by 1 percent.

  Lastly, I hope that sums up for you why Gucci is going to stop selling fur, and also how what Gucci is doing is  gonna make a big change in the world and how maybe just maybe it will change people's thoughts on animals and will help endangered species to.  And lastly I hope you liked  my article on why Gucci will stop selling fur.

   Have you ever wondered why almost every single fashion company sells fur? I mean it is just cruel! Who would want to wear something an animal was killed for. I´ll take a guess, all those people wearing the apparel could care less about the animals. I also have something for you to be excited about if you're against animal cruelty. Well did you know a company named Gucci stopped selling their fur fashion wear sometime around this year. Why may you ask? Why the sudden change for such a fashion forward company?

   To start off, why'd Gucci want  to stopped selling fur in the first place.  Apparently PARIS (Reuters) in Italy stopped wanting to sell fur because there was a big joining number growing bigger and larger of fashion houses looking at alternatives after apparently ``Coming under pressure´´ Sarah White said from Reuters. They were all into not getting some heat from the part of the public who were against animal cruelty. So in order for the Gucci in Italy to get the WHOLE world wide Gucci company to stop selling fur just so their little part of the world wouldn't get so caused ``heat´´ that possibly was gonna be a little bit of a challenge. Well was it a challenge?
   In addition, Was it a challenge? No actually it wasn't a hassle at all for Gucci. It was so easy for Gucci to make such a big change because Gucci had just recently  fired their old CEO and now that their new and improved CEO/ Firm's President (Marco Bizzarri) had taken things into his own hands,and was making changes it was going to be easy. He  thought that the public's opinion was more important than than the fur they sold, and like I said he made his challenge easy. He announced the fur-free policy Wednesday during the 2017 Kering Talk at the London College of Fashion. Marco Bizzarri talked to CNBC and said "Being socially responsible is one of Gucci's core values, and we will continue to strive to do better for the environment and animals," He also added that someone helped him with the new ``no more fur´´  and that amazing person was (Alessandro Michele).  He also said that In selecting a new creative director, he wanted to find someone who shared a belief in the importance of the same values. And he sensed that immediately on meeting with  Alessandro for the first time. Now something you guys maybe wondering is where did all their fur for their designs go?

Halloween N’ History

In all, you never need to take Halloween that seriously, it's a holiday made for kids to have fun during dusk. There are spooky costumes people wear also, but that's just part of the fun. Sure it's related to the dead in a way, but not a lot of people see it as just that. Because it's just a day. Any normal day that anyone can do anything. It's just that some go out near night and ask for candy.

Halloween                    ​Jaeda Leisure

        The day that children dress up and ask strangers for candy at each of their doors. October 31, Halloween. Marking the end of summer and the cold beginning of the winter season. The most commonly heard phrase used during this day is “Trick or Treat?” In which back in the day it was kind of used as a threat saying if you did not give them treats they would ‘trick’ you.
         Halloween originally was celebrated by the Celtic pagans hundreds of years ago. Some say it was from the pagan festival of Samhain, it meant “Summers End”. Though, many don't think it was just that that created Halloween as a whole. The Christians did it, Scotland and Wales as well. I guess Halloween is a mix of all them together.
        There are also Halloween supersitions. One superstition out of the many that are says if you hear footsteps behind you on Halloween night, don’t look back. For it may be the soul of the dead, and you can die as well. One other belief says that a person born on Halloween is completely protected from evil spirits or ghosts. Even so, that they can see and converse with the dead. Who knows, it could be true?

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