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What is National Junior Honor Society?
   by: Luis Cabrera, the YouTuber

The NJHS official site also mentions how, “Students in grades 6–9 who meet the requirements for membership outlined by their school’s chapter are eligible to be invited for membership. Students must be in their second semester of sixth grade for consideration. Ninth grade students are only eligible for inclusion in NJHS if they attend a middle level school. Ninth grade students in a traditional 9-12 high school are not eligible for NJHS membership.Each chapter is required to publish its qualifications for membership, which is based on the five pillars of NJHS.” They also mention, “Students who accept membership and are inducted into the chapter should be aware of the time and commitment involved with this honor. For example, there will be chapter meetings. The chapter bylaws should articulate the yearly meeting schedule and member attendance obligations. Members also must participate in chapter and individual service projects to benefit the school and community. Contact the chapter adviser to obtain a full list of the obligations of membership for the school’s chapter.

What is NJHS?

NJHS. It stands for National Junior Honor Society. What is it though? NJHS is an elite club for the smartest/brightest students. It is the middle school equivalent of NHS. If you invest your time and work hard in NJHS, you will be awarded in the future. You can get community hours and possibility of scholarships.  

According to Wikipedia, “The National Junior Honor Society is an international student organization that consists of chapters in middle schools.”NJHS is short for National Junior Honor Society. Once you are in high school if you want to apply it will no longer be known as NJHS. From high school it is called NHS, which stands for National Honor Society. National Junior Honor Society is the middle school equivalent. In NJHS students will do community service and help the community in general. Being in NJHS is in honor for students and teachers. It is an elite club for the brightest and hardest working students.


Summing up NJHS

In conclusion NJHS is an elite group of the smartest children to collaborate and do good for the community. It can help them get scholarships, credits, hours for community service, and much more. If you ever have the chance to be in National Junior Honor Society, you should because only good can come from it.

How can I get in NJHS?

According to the NJHS website itself, “First, you will need to learn if your school has an NJHS chapter. If so, check your student handbook or speak with someone in your main office to identify the chapter adviser. This is a faculty member who will be able to tell you the cumulative GPA required for consideration and a timeline when students who meet this benchmark will be invited to submit information about themselves to be considered for membership. If your school does not have a chapter, encourage your principal to learn how to start a chapter. (Please note that NJHS membership is managed solely through the school and its chapter membership guidelines. The NJHS national office does not contact students individually.)”

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New Teachers
And Their Feelings Toward Caloosa

By Kevin Almonte ,Mackenzie MacIntyre ,Brooklyn South,  Luis Cabrera
How do they like the staff, their feelings toward them?
They said the teachers that they’ve met so far are very inviting,welcoming,and likable. Again one of them believes that they have good intentions. So overall both teachers like the staff and feel as if they are welcome and have always been welcome.

What are your goals as a staff member for this school year?
Their goals are mostly to join and help aid the teams here at Caloosa as an achievement. They would also like to try and learn and remember every staff members name to the best of their abilities.

What are their teaching methods/preferences?
 One of our new teachers, Ms.Fogarty, enjoys working in small groups.She likes working in small groups because she gets to work closely with her students and the students can work with each other and learn teamwork. She believes it it very helpful. Now on the other hand our new guidance counselor, Ms.McVannel, when she is working with students who are in need of help in reality she tries to relate her lesson to their problem in reality as much as possible. So as you can tell both teachers teach differently but both help the students the best they can.

How and why did they become a teacher?
Well Ms.Fogarty said she always wanted to be a teacher. “It was just one of those things” she says. She has taught in lower grades, also taught several different subjects but math was always been her favorite she said that she feels as if she was meant to teach it. Now Ms.Mcvannel said that she didn't know what she wanted to do. Originally she wanted to play sports in college, but then her grandfather suggested to her to become a teacher and she did it and loved it. But then when she was teaching she saw kids with problems that a normal teacher couldn’t help with so that’s when she to become a counselor to help them.

So as you can tell new teachers do have feelings toward their new schools you just have to ask. So next time you get the chance maybe ask one of the new teachers at your school how they feel , what they like about the school ,or anything you can think of just remember that they might feel different because they are new. Just remember!

 Every school gets new teachers, But no one ever asks how they feel about the school or their feelings now that they are new. Well we got our information from a couple interviews. Here are a couple teachers opinions of our questions. 

What are their first impressions of Caloosa?
Both teachers are very impressed with the school. One teacher says the school isn’t over crowded,meaning the student body,staff,etc. Everyone is very friendly and has good intentions for the students,they want what’s best for them.  Overall they both believe the school is very clean and put together.

Our Principal

Why did she become a principal? “ I love to stay active in the community”.She thinks it's great she stays active and she loves to help the kids.

Have you ever wondered how
the principal felt about certain things going
on in the school, and most importantly, why
they choose to be a principal? We interviewed
our principal Dr.Cole, (as shown on the right.)  
We asked her questions about being a principal,
and her opinions of rules going on in the school.

Cell Phone Rule

What is her take on the new phone rule? Dr.Coles take on the new cell phone rule is  “I think that it's amazing and it's less drama and bullying. But the one thing I don't  like is that yearbook can't use their phones they have to use actual cameras”. So although there's pros to this situation there also is cons in the form of yearbook.

Why did she become a principal
Why did she become a principal? “ I love to stay active in the community”.She thinks it's great she stays active and she loves to help the kids.



First of all what are Eclipses? A solar eclipse is when the moon goes in front of the sun stopping light and some heat from the sun to keep coming through. On the opposite side A lunar eclipse is when the Earth blocks the sun from the moon, making the moon appear red.
    So you know how far you need to go how big are Solar Eclipses? The size can vary depending on how close or far it swings, such as the 2017 one was about 70 miles wide. For how long the last also varies such as some can last only a minute, while the longest recorded was seven minutes.
    Though how often do they happen? Between 4 and 7 happen in a year and two of these are always solar eclipses, though they are usually not total since the exact place that it needs to be a total solar eclipse is a very low chance. Though a total happens about every 18 months on average. They next partial eclipses is estimated to be on Feb 15, 2018.   You’ve probably heard that you needed to wear a certain kind of glasses to view the eclipse, though what makes them safe, well they block most sunlight, making it thousands of times darker, much more than regular sunglasses.   Though why can you see the corona of the sun in a total solar eclipse? The corona is usually too dim to see next to the bright Sun is shown. Since usually the sun is brighter. Kind of like a flashlight light is hard to see in a spotlight light.

Q: how did the air feel before and as the total eclipse was happening?
A: It didn't feel any different though it did go down a few degrees since I bought a thermometer
Q: How bright was the chrona still in the eclipse?
A: It was about as bright as a full moon.