Why are you left handed? 
    Have you ever wondered “Why am I left handed? Everyone is right handed, and I got stuck being a lefty. Is this because my mom made me a lefty? Is this a genetic thing? Or does this have to do with my brain?” Well, you’re on the right track. Left handedness has something to do with your brain and what parts you use. But it goes much deeper than that, so let’s take a deeper look, shall we?
    First, being left-handed has so many disadvantages, and it isn’t the best, but the science behind left handedness is pretty interesting. Studies have shown that 25% of handedness can be explained by a person’s genes. Human geneticist Silvia Paracchini from the University of St Andrews in Scotland says that this number is surprisingly low, but has proven consistent across many studies. Left handedness actually does have something to do with your genes, so thanks to your genetic history, you might be left handed!
    Second, not only is left handedness genetic, but it also has a lot to do with your brain. Have you ever heard of “left brain dominant” or “right brain dominant”? Well, your body uses certain sides of your brain to do certain things. For example, your left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body. You may not be completely Right Brain Dominant, but your body uses your right brain for your handedness.
     Being left handed might have some disadvantages, such as, many objects made for right handed people. Speaking of right handed people, you must be wondering, why are most people right handed instead of left handed? Well, think about it, and do some research, because it can be a pretty interesting topic!

Who are some famous lefties?
     Are you a lefty? Does being a lefty frustrate you? Do you feel as if you had some curse put on you making you a lefty? Well then you must be wondering, “who are some other people that are lefties?” You aren’t alone in the world of left handedness, did you know that our former president, Barack Obama, was a southpaw as well! Obama, along with many former presidents, are left handed and they have no problem being successful. So, to wrap this all up, being left handed may have its disadvantages, but it has no impact on your life. So, take advantage of the fact that you are a lefty, because in my opinion, its pretty cool!
  • Famous Lefties
  • Robert De Niro
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Prince William
  • Robert Redford
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Barack Obama
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • And many, many more!

"Haunted Locations"

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The third location is the Queen Mary Hotel. It is located in California, USA. The boat was built in 1936 and was reserved for the most richest people to travel in. When World War II broke out, it was then considered the “Grey Ghost.” The “Grey Ghost” was used as a form of transportation for troops. The capacity of the ship jumped from 2,410 people to 5,500. The ship also carried many prisoners of war who died. These people who died are now the presumed ghosts that haunt the ship. Since then, the ship was refurbished and sold to California. This is now a hotel where many visitors claim to have seen ghosts.
    In conclusion, locations of ghosts are interesting to discuss. I believe these location could possibly be haunted. Maybe in the future people can find out what is really behind the claimed hauntings. Would you believe there are ghosts in these locations?

niL nitsuJ :yB

Imagine seeing a ghost right before when you’re staying at a hotel. You don’t really expect anything to go wrong while you’re on vacation, but standing in front of you is a ghostly translucent figure. Many sources give examples of this and other haunted places around the world. These locations are not proven to be haunted but has been reported by many individuals.
    The first location is Suicide Forest. This is located in Japan and has been reported of ghost sightings. This is believed to be because of the many people who come to this forest to commit suicide. Since 1971, Japan has removed to over 100 corpses from the location. This has become so problematic that a sign was placed reading, “Your life is a precious gift from your parents. Think about them and the rest of your family. You don’t have to suffer alone.” Under the note has a number for suicide hotline. This has become the 2nd most popular suicide location in the world.
    The second location is the Island of Dolls located in Xochimilco, Mexico. This is a small Island that has dolls eerily hung on trees. There is a legend behind the actual reason why the dolls are where they are. A girl was drowned there due to a mysterious circumstance. A man, Don Julian Santana Barrera, who was not able to save the girl’s life at the time, hung her doll on a tree as a sign of respect. The man was said to be haunted along with his behavior changing. He told his nephew that he couldn’t keep up with the yearning of the girl for more dolls. After 50 years of collecting dolls, his nephew visited the island to find his uncle dead, in the same exact spot where the girl died. Even though the man’s gestures can be considered admirable, the island is now portrayed as nightmarish and creepy due to the man’s death.

Growing Up & Going On

by: Heaven Davidson & Peyton Helton 

If you’re in 8th grade then you probably know that high school choice is coming up and it is important to make sure that you choose the right school. There are multiple schools in Lee County that you could possibly attend and you need to be well aware of the school that you are putting yourself in. You should make sure your choosing that school for the right reasons and not just because your friends are going there. It can be pressuring to choose the perfect school to spend the next 4 years in.

  Schools like North Fort Myers High School, offer the special Cambridge Aice program. They offer dual enrollment, and they are an Avid school. Which means they are required to carry a professional and organized binder with them at all times during their school day. The peers have lockers that they are able to put their belongings in while they are getting an education. They have a very exuberant  school when it comes to pep-rallies and sporting events. They treat each other as a family and their are hardly ever quarrels.

  Another great school in Lee County, is Mariner High School. They are well known for their vet program. You could be certified as a veterinary assistant by the time that you graduate high school and it’s free. Although they do not offer the Cambridge Aice Program, they offer IB enrollment. Colleges usually look for kids that are enrolled in IB your GPA is required to be a certain quality to be successful.

  Also, Ida S. Baker offers the IB program, it is just like the Aice program but more recognizable. Baker is known for its outstanding medical program. You could be certified as a nurse by the time you leave high school. How cool is that.

  Last but not least Cape Coral High School, has great athletics and many programs and clubs to join that have perfect reviews. They do good in all that they do.

Roman Atwood
Roman Bernard Atwood (born May 28, 1983) is an American YouTube personality, comedian, vlogger and pranker. He is best known for his vlogs, where he posts updates about his life on a daily basis. His vlogging channel, "RomanAtwoodVlogs", has a total of 3.3 billion views and 11.9 million subscribers.
Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online pseudonym PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer. He is known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube.
The Benefits to being a youtuber?
By: Hailey Rea  
There are a lot of people who say yes and no. There are a bunch of facts and ideas about this topic. Youtubers can land tv contracts, write books, buy million dollar mansions, all while amassing fan bases numbering in the millions. Also it makes people feel good having more youtubers gives us more content to watch, gives people a creative outlet. Also a benefit for the youtuber is they make money. They make money by placing ads in the video and when people watch it they they refer it to other people and more people watch the ads and MONEY$$$$$$. They get famous because when they have subscribers they get famous. I mean look at pewdiepie and Roman Atwood. They are famous and rich.

Seán William McLoughlin (born February 7, 1990 [age 27]), better known as Jacksepticeye or Jack, is an Irish YouTuber who uploads gaming videos and occasionally vlogs.

The Seven Deadly Sins
**This essay includes topics such as religion, it was not created to insult, ignore or change anyone's beliefs. It is purely meant to inform.**

The seven deadly sins are a set of sins that come from a Christian origin. The sins are known to be “deadly” because at least one of these sins is most likely to be the root of your problems, and of course, each sin goes against the main point of Christianity- to love God, the people around us and our bodies. These sins consist of: Lust, envy, sloth, gluttony, pride, wrath and greed. At first, these were considered to be unforgivable, but soon it was realised that each sin can be “cured.” exactly do you commit these sins? Here, let me explain.
     Lust; when you have a strong desire or passion for someone in a seductive way, that is, someone who is not your significant other. It basically means having an affair or even considering one is a deadly sin because it can cause many other problems and pain for others. So, what’s the cure? Well, the cure for lust is actually ‘chastity’. Chastity simply means to have self-control. It means all you have to do is refrain yourself from be interested other men/women if you are spoken for.

Sloth. Sloth is the sin that is committed when you are excessively lazy. Not just lying around for “5 more minutes” when your alarm goes off, but when you do nothing with your life and just avoid working at all cost. By forcing others around you to do the work is not showing your love and appreciation for them. The cure for sloth is diligence. By putting others in front of your own relaxation it is much easier to work and do what is needed to care for them, of course you can still take breaks once and awhile, but don’t let it consume you.
     Envy is committed when you want something that someone else has. This doesn’t mean if you see your friend with something cool and you want it so you beg your parents get it for you. This means you want something so bad that you are willing to steal, deceive or even kill for it. The cure for envy is kindness. By helping others get want they need in a peaceful way or even just being happy for others when they receive things you want.
     Gluttony is what we call the sin in which one consumes more food/drinks than they need to be. Don’t think that if you’re a little overweight then you’re doing wrong, it is only a sin when it gets to the point where your health is concerned. This is a sin because it is not showing love towards your aren’t caring for the thing God created just for you. To cure gluttony, you need temperance, which is the desire to become healthy and fit. By eating right, you are showing that you do care for your body and that you  cherish your life.
     Being prideful is one thing, but having too much pride can cause loads of damage to you and others around you. When it gets to the point to where you believe you truly are better than everyone else, that is when you need to control yourself. To cure pride, you need to be “humiliated”, not in the way you’d typically think, just to where you can realise that nobody is flawless, including you.
     Have you ever gotten so angry it felt like your blood was boiling? Wrath- the sin in which one acts on extreme anger. If someone made you so mad to the point where you thought of harming them (or worse, you did hurt them) this is a sin. I know it sounds crazy that someone else did something to you but you’re the one doing the crime, but the point of this sin is that you aren’t showing love to the people around you, it is said that you should - no matter what. The cure for wrath is patience. By taking your time to think about the situation, you are letting yourself calm down so you don’t do anything you may regret.
     Lastly, we’ve got greed. Greed is the sin where you take much more than you need and refuse to give to those who do need it. By being so greedy, people around you can be harmed because they might not get what they need to survive/be happy while you sit around with the things that could help. The cure for greed is charity. By giving to others in need, you are showing that you can be happy without rolling around in material things.
     Just to clarify yet again, none of this essay is meant to shame/insult your religion or force you to avoid/follow these sins. The purpose is purely to inform about the origin and meaning of the seven deadly sins. As always, I hope you found some cool new facts to share with your friends and family and I’ll see ya in the next article!

Should Students Be Able To Grade Their Teachers?

Interviews - 

Question: In your own opinion, do you think students should be able to grade their teachers?
Student 1: Yes, because we should grade them on how they teach, or how they actually help us.
Student 2: Yes, some of the teachers don’t really teach, and they give us assignments and we have to learn it all ourselves.
Student 3: Yes, because some teachers shouldn’t actually be teaching.
Student 4: Yes, because some of the teachers shouldn’t actually be teaching because they don’t teach the students, they just hand out assignments and make the kids work.
Student 5: Yes, some teachers aren’t meant to teach.

Abby, Hailey, Jacob, Carolina

​ Students Voices
Our voices aren’t heard if it has something to do with a teacher. Many students feel like they're constantly being watched, not just to the point where our grades are being conducted by the teachers, but how are actions are being graded. If we feel like that, why shouldn’t the teachers have to feel like that. If the teacher shouldn’t be a teacher, shouldn’t the students be able to say this? This is why the students need to be able to grade our teachers.
Like said before, teachers are constantly grading how the students work as well as how the preform in the class. Students shouldn’t have to feel like we are constantly being graded. Students need to have voices in what happens with their teachers, and why we should be able to do this. Now, not all teachers are horrible and need to be watched, but there are a few who wonder how they are still able to be teachers.
To sum it up, students should be able to grade how their teachers work. Now that is just my opinion, but I think we should all be able to grade how our teachers perform. Not all teachers should still be teachers if they aren’t teaching students the right things, but the teachers who do, and are great at what they do, should be rewarded.

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Frances Fisher was an American actor and writer, most well known for playing Princess Leia from Star Wars. Her acting career began in 1975, starring first in the comedy movie Shampoo. In 1977, her career got much more recognition, when she played Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episode IV, and bonded along with her fellow actors.

Alongside starring in the series of Star Wars films, she played many other characters, such as the Mystery Woman in The Blues Brothers (1980), April in Hannah and Her Sisters (1986), Marie Fisher in When Harry Met Sally… (1989), Janie in Drop Dead Fred (1991), as well as more minor roles in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997), Scream 3 (2000), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), and Family Guy.

Fisher’s father was singer Eddie Fisher, and her mother was actress Debbie Reynolds.

Carrie Fisher was in multiple relationships, one resulting in her son, Billie Catherine Lourd. In February 26, 2005, Gregory Stevens, a lobbyist, was found dead in her home from ‘cocaine and oxycodone use.’ This, along with her bipolar disorder, made her start to use drugs to help herself stay stable.

On December 23rd, 2016, she had a heart attack during a plane flight from London to los Angeles, tragically passing away on the 27th at 60 years old.

Her mother, Debbie, died just the next day of a stroke, when a blood vessel ruptured and started bleeding in her brain. Hypertension was listed as an underlying cause, but many say that the grief of losing her daughter had a fatal impact on her as well.

Carrie Fisher was a beautiful woman, as an actor and a person, and she will be missed by all.

Hidden Figures 

        Hidden Figures is a 2016 American drama film directed by Theodore Melfi and written by Melfi and Allison Schroeder, based on the book of the same name by Margot Lee Shetterly, about female African-American mathematicians at NASA. The film stars Taraji P. Henson as Katherine G. Johnson, a mathematician who calculated flight trajectories for Project Mercury and other missions. The film also features Octavia Spencer as Dorothy Vaughan and Janelle Monáe as Mary Jackson, with Kevin Costner, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons, Glen Powell and Mahershala Ali in supporting roles.

         Hidden Figures was released on December 25, 2016 by 20th Century Fox. It received positive reviews from critics and has earned 84 million dollars. It was chosen by National Board of Review as one of the top ten films of 2016 and has been nominated for numerous awards, including three Oscars: Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress for Spencer. It also received two Golden Globe nominations for Best Supporting Actress (Spencer) and Best Original Score.
[Three women standing in the foreground. In the background a rocket is launching.

Cellphone Over Usage

It has been brought to our attention that kids use their cell phones too much when they are supposed to be learning. There are rules that set restrictions on the use of phones during school. The staff of Caloosa Middle School are becoming frustrated with cell phones. The students of CMS abuse the rule of phones and take advantage of the rules. They seem to over use their cell phones during school.

  The official rule of Caloosa is that you are allowed to use your phones if the teacher specifically lets you. You are also allowed to use them during your 25 minute lunch. But instead of enjoying those rules and using them the right way, students are distracting themselves and piers around them with their cell phones when they are supposed to be doing an assignment. There are consequences to  abusing the rules of your phone. You could get it sent to the office and if it happens more than twice then you have to have your parent come to the school to pick it up. Other teachers, like Mr.Gesenhues, say you can have your phone, but it should not be visible in core classes. 

  So in conclusion, the phone rules should be more restricted so that students don’t have to worry about ruining their education. They will not have any distractions when they are supposed to be learning.

Myth or NO Myth

By: Ariana Bachman and Destiny Rodriguez

        For a long time, people have reported seeing unusual things that we can’t prove that are true such as bigfoot, mermaids, and the Loch Ness Monster. Some of these things could have hoaxes, and some could have been real. The sight I used to find my information, I used this site: (I suggest this site if you want to see weird things that you’ve never seen before).
        Mermaids, Sirens, and Creatures of the Deep
        Videos, pictures, and claims have all included mermaid sightings. We have created our  own image of mermaids as cute skinny girls with fish tails. Then again, people have also claimed that if mermaids were real  according to History documentary where they would have blubber to keep themselves warm in cold water, they wouldn’t have a nose because there would be no use of it. Instead they would have gills. A real mermaid would have no hair because it would get in their way while they are swimming. So, instead of the cute girl we think of, we get a creature that resembles a manatee.
    People also have come up with different variations of mermaids such as octomaid, and the manatee maid.
     Nessie, or the Loch Ness Sea Monster is a “current” believed inhabitant of the Scottish Highlands. There have been “sightings” of this Nessie even a finding of a carcass of a plesiosaur. which has the body parts and length of a Loch Ness Monster. So if the monster was real then he died unfortunately or there are possibly more out there. Most pictures of Nessie are fake or photoshoped. Other are real but are not known to be Nessie or some other kind of animal. Nessie resembles a plesiosaur which was a dinosaur that was alive a long time ago back when dinosaurs roamed.
     According to, in 1977 a fishing boat found what they thought was a Nessie carcass. The carcass was unfortunately thrown overboard, but there were samples and pictures taken. Unfortunately, the carcass did actually resemble a rotting Basking Shark. So this Nessie carcass could have been real or fake.
There are many animals out there that are weird and quite frankly out of ordinary. But we can still keep looking and discovering the creatures of the world!

The Mandela Effect

Have you ever thought you remembered something one way and it turns out to not be true?
That’s called the Mandela Effect.
The Mandela Effect is one of the more interesting phenomenon recently. It sprouts from one particular example that it takes its name from: the death of Nelson Mandela. When he died in 2013 lots of people were confused because they thought they remembered him dying in prison in the 1980’s, many even remembering news clips and rioting.
More Examples
Do you remember the children's book series The Berenstain Bears? Lots of people do, but is that how you remember it being spelled? Many people remember it as “stein” not “stain”. But there has been no evidence of it ever being changed, even the son of the writers says it was always that way. It appears to have been changed to look less jewish.
You probably know the fast food chain Chick-fil-A, but do you really know how to spell it. Many claim that it is spelled Chic-fil-A, but it's really Chick-fil-A. Although suspiciously Chick-fil-A owns the “” website and it re-directs it to their actual site.
Still don't believe it? Do your own research.
There are many theories as to why this happens, for example:
Some believe it is a case of our memories not being as accurate as we thought, some say our brain processes info in the easiest way for us, even if it’s not the correct information, and others have much more strange theories, which is where the real interesting ones are.
Like these:
Many people believe the Mandela Effect is due to CERN, a european nuclear facility which is actually causing quantum changes, thus influencing our world. Some say we are kept in a simulation and something is changed by the civilization we are unknowingly commanded by. Many think it could be a parallel universe‘s timeline crossing into ours which effects small things that impact our brain in a huge way.

Shakespeare, and silverstein. What is the difference?

By Alicia Munt

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Once upon a time there were two famous poets. The first lived from 1584-1616. The second lived from 1930-1999. The first poet’s name was William Shakespeare. The second poet’s name was Sheldon Silverstein. Both were widely known throughout the poetry’s history. Those poets were very different though. That included who they were, what they were mainly known for, personal life, family, career, written works, and their demise. Generally speaking, their basic lifestyle was very dissimilar.
     Who were they? Well William Shakespeare (also known as Shakespeare, or Will Shakespeare) was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom, and was educated at the King’s new school. He is most known for his plays, and lesser known for his poems. His nicknames were:
"Bard of Avon"
"Swan of Avon"
     "The Bard"
Sheldon Silverstein (also known as Shel Silverstein) was born in Chicago, Illinois, and educated at Roosevelt University. He is most known for his children’s books, and lesser known for his songs. He sometimes signed his material as Uncle Shelby.
Now what happened while they were not working? In other words their personal life. Well Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway (not the actress) and had 3 children. Their first-born’s name was Susanna. Then came along twins Hamnet and Judith. Hamnet died when he was 11, because of the black plague.
Why was the black plague “oh so dangerous”? Well even before the “death ships” pulled into port at Messina, many Europeans had heard rumors about a “Great Pestilence” that was carving a deadly path across the trade routes of the Near and Far East. (Early in the 1340s, the disease had struck China, India, Persia, Syria and Egypt.) However, they were scarcely equipped for the horrible reality of the Black Death. “In men and women alike,” the Italian poet Giovanni Boccaccio started his writing and wrote about all of the symptoms of the black death such as:
Stomach issues (vomiting/diarrhea)
Terrible aches and pains
Many scholars think that the nursery rhyme “Ring around the Rosy” was written about the symptoms of the Black Death. Poor Hamnet.
Silverstein once told a reporter that growing up he wanted to be popular with girls and be a baseball player. The outcome was not in his favor. Girls did not like him. Baseball “did not like him”. When Silverstein was older he had to make a choice;  girls, or work? In the end he chose work, because it was more important to him.
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Just like people today the two poets had relatives. Yes that even includes brothers, and sisters. (Also known as the reason why you constantly need aspirin.) The first set of relatives to be shown is the Shakespeare family.
Silverstein’s mom (Helen) and dad (Nathan) had  two children.
“Money makes the world go round!”, as some people say. Well how did those poets earn that
money? Through jobs. Was there any highlights in their careers? Well let’s find out. Shakespeare (ages ago) in 1597 published 15 out of 37 plays. He purchased the 2nd largest house as well. (Not as many ages ago) In 1605 Shakespeare bought an leases near an estate for $640.12 which ended up making him $87.29. Silverstein published many books from 1963-2008.
The two poets published many things. Some things Shakespeare published included 154 sonnets, romeo and juliet, and 36 other plays. Some things Silverstein published included Falling up, Lafacadio the lion who shot back, and A boy named sue.
             Shakespeare died May 3, 1616. Many people thought the death date, and Shakespeare himself was fictitious. Silverstein died May 10 1999. R.i.p. William and Sheldon

More About the Moon
Well, today I will answer those questions. Supermoons usually “come out” every few months. But this supermoon was the biggest since 1968. And, there will be a meteor shower in a few weeks after the Supermoon.
The Metor Shower 
 The name of the meteor shower is the Leonids meteor shower. The start date is November 16th 2016. Make sure to catch the star thrill!
The Supermoon 
The supermoon is back, but when was it here the last time? When will it return, will it return? Those are the kind of questions some of you might ask if you have never heard of a supermoon. 
          Cafe Ladies
       by: Elizabeth Rojas  and Hailey Rea

The Cafe Ladies
Everyday when you come to school the cafe ladies always have breakfast and lunch prepared for you. How would you feel if you had to do their job?

    I think hard, those cafeteria ladies work really hard they put breakfast and lunch on our tables. They don’t only have to feed  about 900 Middle schoolers, they also have to feed over 1,000 Elementary students! And all the lunch ladies ask from us is to clean up our mess, don’t disrespect them, don’t flip the milk, and don’t wear earphones through the line. That is all they ask,can we do it? I think so.

    Did you ever think that when your in line and you drop your food, or smash a tray, or mess up the showcases? After all the shifts of lunch  the cafeteria ladies have to pick up our mess.  Do you think that is fair, look at all the work they do already for not only us but the Elementary kids. They take about 25 minutes to clean up any spilled food, and wipe up any liquids. Let’s make a change and help the cafeteria ladies, just don’t make a mess on the cafe floor , and listen to what they say.
             If you read this article we would like you to go to the cafe on your free time or at lunch and tell them you are sorry for what we have done to them and how bad you feel that they have to clean your mess up, cook for us, NOT only us but  over 1,000 Elementary kids,  I am sure that they will appreciate it.  So let's try  to make their job easier.

  4. Title 4

The Age of Failure

   We are the generation of technology. This isn't such a good thing though. We're so busying trying to stay up with the new trends rather than trying to stay up with our education. We spend more time scrolling through instagram rather than scrolling through what assignments we need to get done to pass a class. Were revolving our whole lives around the internet. We post about what we are eating, what we're doing, we literally post about every little second of our lives. This generation needs to put down all their devices log off the internet and just go and experience life like you are supposed to .
  Hopefully someday this generation will realize that what we do and consume our lives with is what's making this generation end up with more teens dropping out of schools,more dropouts than high school graduates, we are going to the generation that gives up on our education because we are so obsessed with documenting our lives online.  We don't even think for a second on what are futures would be like if social media never existed or what life would be like if we never destroyed our lives by getting involved with this whole social media;posting of online stuff.

   A lot of kids complain about going to school. They think that it's pointless and that you don't need an education for life. But when they are allowed to have their phones or use laptops in school start to want to be involved in school. It's just crazy how that we have to get technology involved just so we can get students to work. When we do involve technology students still get distracted. This whole technology has taken over our generation. 

   Technology is used so much in this generation. Most of this generation is spent with people looking down at their phones or on their tablets/laptops. They now don't use textbooks in school instead they give you a laptop to use during the school year. Schools will soon start to go all digital. It's just crazy on how much time we spend looking at a screen instead experiencing life.

 We waste so much time involving ourselves with our online life. We base our lives online. We constantly are looking down at a screen. Instead of putting down this electronic and making memories we decided to use this thing to film what happening. We chose to experience life by putting a screen in front of our faces and filming it. Why can’t this generation experience life by putting away this destruction device. We need to start letting memories be filmed with our minds and not our phones. We need make friends in real life. Rather than going online and being “friends” with thousands of strangers . It's crazy how this generation is living


3D printers, how are they used?

This mini eiffel tower took half an hour to print.
Our School mascot, Freddy Cougar took 3 hours to print!

3D Printers

3D printers seem to be getting very popular, and it’s pretty obvious why. They are known to be able to help with a variety of things such as helping make models for research or even just using for fun. Now, here lately schools have been trying to figure out a way to put them to use in classrooms...and Caloosa Middle, just happens to be one of those schools.

After conducting an interview with our school’s librarian, Charleen Martinez, we gained a lot of interesting information on our printer and what we use it for. Listed below are the questions we asked and the responses we got.

​   The 3D  Printer In our Library
How was Caloosa Middle able to get a hold of a 3D printer?
According to Mrs.Martinez, Caloosa had received some technology grant money to help pay for the printer.
How has the printer helped us this year?
“This school year, it has attracted a lot of attention to STEM technology and has aroused interest in STEM.” Martinez told the Cougar press. “As you may know, those are fields that are often understaffed where we need more people to go into those fields because we don’t have enough people who are engineers and who are able to do that level of work and sometimes we even have to outsource to other countries and get people from all over the world to come and help us.” Mrs.Martinez went on to announce that Caloosa’s plan was to prepare it’s students in STEM fields to help draw more people into these career tracks.
What other plans does Caloosa have for the printer?
“Well, I’m really hoping to get the students using 3D printing technology and software to make their own designs and to do their own prints.” Martinez answered.
How will students be able to use the printer?
“They would have to use it in collaboration with a classroom project, so I am going to be working very hard with getting our teachers on board with using it in their classrooms and creating projects for you guys to do.” The librarian told us.

Aside from the interview, we also conducted some research on our own to hopefully answer some of your questions.

How  does the 3D printer work?
To make a 3D design, you must have a 3D model prepared. There are 3D modeling programs out there such as blender and tinkercad.  You will have to prepare a 3d model before anything gets printed. In most cases, the design is printed by using layer and layers of resin, or plastic. Each of these layers are  seen as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the finished product.

What materials are used to print 3D objects?
As stated  in the paragraph before, resin and plastic are commonly used materials. Also,Many different materials can be used for 3D printing, such as ABS plastic, PLA,polyamide (nylon), glass filled polyamide, (epoxy resins), silver. steel, wax, photopolymers and polycarbonate. All of these materials harden during the process of printing.
How are other schools using it?
According to our research, many other schools are using the 3D printer to help students improve their designing skills. The reason schools are using it like that is in hopes that students will eventually be able to create their own products to introduce to the world.
How much do these 3D printers cost?
Research shows that 3D printers are being sold for $1,000+ , we have yet to find one being sold for less than $1,000.

So to wrap it all up, here at Caloosa Middle, the 3D printer is being used to draw attention to STEM fields so we can gain more workers in the fields we are weak in. Since it seems to be doing it’s job, the 3D printer here at Caloosa will probably be here awhile!

By : Hailey Rea 

On the evening of August 31st in Troynoy island outpost a team of russian scientists studying meteorological science had found out that an adult female polar bear plus her cub had taken residence under one of their research station windows and it only took a couple of hours later for her friends to follow her lead 13 other polar bears had come to the research station 10 adults and 3 cubs had come and trapped the 5 russian scientists and two married couples in the station.​

Soon after the polar bears took residence outside of the research station they asked some contacts to deliver them some supplies that consisted of some flares, food, and 2 dogs .. People say that “all the drama started when one of the polar bears killed one of the dogs”. So, the polar bears have the scientists trapped and they try a few strategies such as throwing  away from the site, that was a FAIL, they tried to hide and wait them out, that was a FAIL, and they tried to shoot them with rubber bullets because shooting with live bullets is illegal in russia and that was a FAIL.  Finally, after a month long wait the scientists use the dogs to scare them away and they can finally get on with their research hopefully safely.