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The Solar Eclipse
By:Summer Zheng, Luis Crespo,Zachary Berrios, and David Villegas

There are many mysteries about the Solar Eclipse but me and my friends here will answer some of those mysteries of the Solar Eclipse.        
    Some information about the solar eclipse is the difference between the temperature drop during a solar eclipse. In some places the temperature dropped about 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit like in Tennessee. My journalism teacher Mr.G told me his brother in Tennessee felt that the temperature had drop at least 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the solar eclipse news it state the temperature in south florida was 3 degrees lower than it was before.
Our second question was how powerful does the lense of the sunglasses need to be to observe and look at the solar eclipse? The lense of the sunglasses need to be as thick as a welder shield to observe the solar eclipse and believe me the sunglasses you need to observe the solar eclipse are quite a lot of money. Also if you look a the solar eclipse it can affect your eye if you look at it with a naked eye!
 Our final question was that where could you see the eclipse and according to Mr.Rys he was in Missouri when he saw the eclipse. The Solar Eclipse has also been from South Carolina all the way to Oregon.
 In conclusion, Thanks to our research we know that the solar eclipse is so powerful it can blind your eyes, it can lower temperature, and finally it can be in so many places and although we have gather so much information but the solar eclipse is still an amazing mystery to humankind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3D printers, how are they used?

This mini eiffel tower took half an hour to print.
Our School mascot, Freddy Cougar took 3 hours to print!

3D Printers

3D printers seem to be getting very popular, and it’s pretty obvious why. They are known to be able to help with a variety of things such as helping make models for research or even just using for fun. Now, here lately schools have been trying to figure out a way to put them to use in classrooms...and Caloosa Middle, just happens to be one of those schools.

After conducting an interview with our school’s librarian, Charleen Martinez, we gained a lot of interesting information on our printer and what we use it for. Listed below are the questions we asked and the responses we got.

​   The 3D  Printer In our Library
How was Caloosa Middle able to get a hold of a 3D printer?
According to Mrs.Martinez, Caloosa had received some technology grant money to help pay for the printer.
How has the printer helped us this year?
“This school year, it has attracted a lot of attention to STEM technology and has aroused interest in STEM.” Martinez told the Cougar press. “As you may know, those are fields that are often understaffed where we need more people to go into those fields because we don’t have enough people who are engineers and who are able to do that level of work and sometimes we even have to outsource to other countries and get people from all over the world to come and help us.” Mrs.Martinez went on to announce that Caloosa’s plan was to prepare it’s students in STEM fields to help draw more people into these career tracks.
What other plans does Caloosa have for the printer?
“Well, I’m really hoping to get the students using 3D printing technology and software to make their own designs and to do their own prints.” Martinez answered.
How will students be able to use the printer?
“They would have to use it in collaboration with a classroom project, so I am going to be working very hard with getting our teachers on board with using it in their classrooms and creating projects for you guys to do.” The librarian told us.

Aside from the interview, we also conducted some research on our own to hopefully answer some of your questions.

How  does the 3D printer work?
To make a 3D design, you must have a 3D model prepared. There are 3D modeling programs out there such as blender and tinkercad.  You will have to prepare a 3d model before anything gets printed. In most cases, the design is printed by using layer and layers of resin, or plastic. Each of these layers are  seen as a thinly sliced horizontal cross-section of the finished product.

What materials are used to print 3D objects?
As stated  in the paragraph before, resin and plastic are commonly used materials. Also,Many different materials can be used for 3D printing, such as ABS plastic, PLA,polyamide (nylon), glass filled polyamide, (epoxy resins), silver. steel, wax, photopolymers and polycarbonate. All of these materials harden during the process of printing.
How are other schools using it?
According to our research, many other schools are using the 3D printer to help students improve their designing skills. The reason schools are using it like that is in hopes that students will eventually be able to create their own products to introduce to the world.
How much do these 3D printers cost?
Research shows that 3D printers are being sold for $1,000+ , we have yet to find one being sold for less than $1,000.

So to wrap it all up, here at Caloosa Middle, the 3D printer is being used to draw attention to STEM fields so we can gain more workers in the fields we are weak in. Since it seems to be doing it’s job, the 3D printer here at Caloosa will probably be here awhile!

By : Hailey Rea 

On the evening of August 31st in Troynoy island outpost a team of russian scientists studying meteorological science had found out that an adult female polar bear plus her cub had taken residence under one of their research station windows and it only took a couple of hours later for her friends to follow her lead 13 other polar bears had come to the research station 10 adults and 3 cubs had come and trapped the 5 russian scientists and two married couples in the station.​

Soon after the polar bears took residence outside of the research station they asked some contacts to deliver them some supplies that consisted of some flares, food, and 2 dogs .. People say that “all the drama started when one of the polar bears killed one of the dogs”. So, the polar bears have the scientists trapped and they try a few strategies such as throwing  away from the site, that was a FAIL, they tried to hide and wait them out, that was a FAIL, and they tried to shoot them with rubber bullets because shooting with live bullets is illegal in russia and that was a FAIL.  Finally, after a month long wait the scientists use the dogs to scare them away and they can finally get on with their research hopefully safely.