Iventions and Inovations

 Furthermore, let’s talk about the innovations of ships, the printing press, the wheel, the compass, and the umbrella. Back then ships and boats were made by wood and other materials. Now ships and boats are made from iron and steel. Back then ships were used to do long-distance trading. Now we still use ships to trade. We also use ships and boats to catch fish and just explore the ocean and see the horizon. The innovation of the printing press is that the name has changed. You might recognize that the printing press now is called a printer. They both still do the same thing but the printer puts ink on the paper by itself because a printer is a machine that puts ink on paper or it could print out pictures, etc. On the other hand, the printing press you would have to press down on wood that has the paper underneath and then the paper will touch the ink and then the ink will transfer onto the paper. The innovation of the wheel is that the wheels that we use now is on cars so wheels are for transportation. Also, the wheels on chariots are made out of wood. The wheels now are made out of metal ( steel ). The compass is now on phones! Usually compasses is an object not on phones but now it’s on phones. A compass now still does the same thing, it tells you the direction you are going or facing. The innovation of the umbrella … it still has the same purpose but there s more kinds of umbrellas for example there is a fishing umbrella, there is also an umbrella that has a pocket that you can see threw to watch where you are going.
              To conclude, these 5 inventions and innovations sure did help back then and still help now! Would you want to invent something that helps the human race? If so good for you!   

    Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, those are just a few of the most famous inventors! Inventions are made for the first time. Making an invention better is called an innovation. Let’s talk about the top 5 inventions and the top 5 innovations.

​ To begin with, we are starting with the top 5 inventions because inventions come before innovations so let’s start with inventions so we can learn who first created them and how it helps the human race. The first invention that helps the human race is ships. Who invented ships? Well we don’t exactly know who built the first ship but historians believe that it was the Egyptians. Why would they want to build ships? They used ships or boats to do a long-distance trade. They made the ships out of cedar wood. It was built around 2600 B.C. The first ship that the Egyptians made is called “The Praise of the Two Lands”. So back then ships were helpful for traveling, and long-distance trading. The next invention is the printing press. Johannes Gutenberg invented the first printing press. He invented it around 1440. He invented it at “The Holy Roman Empire”. How did the printing press work? A printing press is a device that when you apply pressure to an inked surface resting on a print medium such as paper, cloth, etc. it will transfer the ink. Moving on to the next invention which is the wheel. The first wheel was invented in Mesopotamia. The wheel was invented by the Mesopotamians. Back then the wheel was created to serve as potter’s wheels around 3500 B.C. So the wheel back then was not used for transportation. But then 300 years later it was used for chariots. The next invention is the compass. The compass was invented in 1100 A.D. The compass was invented by the chinese back in the 2nd century BC and 1st century AD. A compass is a navigational instrument that shows directions. Back then the compass was used on chinese ships, enabling them to navigate. So the compass was used for telling people where to go and w
hat direction they are facing. The next invention is the umbrella. The umbrella was invented in China about 4,000 years ago. Back then the umbrella provided shade from the sun.


Kids getting Bad Grades

Don’t you hate kids that disrupt you in class or are very disrespectful? I think that it is not the right thing kids should do when they are in class. It makes teachers very stressful, and makes them mad a lot. We should help them out and make them better students

First, Kids get bad grades in school because they don’t want to do their work or something is happening out of school. Kids usually act different in school when something is wrong happening at home. Like if kids have a argument that was really bad with their parents, they would be sad and want to be lonely all day. Or if someone died in their family then they would be acting different and maybe start bullying other kids. Then they would also refuse to do their work.

Then, Kids are sometimes disrespectful in class because they are being bullied in school or out of school. Kids behaviors would change when something in their life changes and usually it would be bad. If they are being mean and not doing what you are telling them to do, they are most likely have bad things happening with them.

Next, How will we stop these kids from being bad? We can ask the kids what is making them do this and help them by talking to their parents also. Then we can do whatever they say that is bothering them. Then see if they improved and they are better kids now. Every teacher wishes they had a very respectful class and had awesome kids that always did there work. We can make a awesome class by keeping kids safe at school and having kids have fun. If kids are having fun and learning then that would make them happy and do what they are suppose to do.

In conclusion, Kids get bad grades in school because they are having a bad time or they are just lazy and don’t want to do it. Most of the time it is what happens outside of school that they are having bad behaviors, they are having a bad time at home. Also when kids are disrespectful and just not cooperating in class it would be because they are being bullied at school or something bad is happening at home. This is when we need to go and ask them what is wrong and talk to their parents to what is happening. We should help out the kids so then all teachers can have awesome classes without any disrupting and disrespecting kids.



Once a decent amount of saliva has been collected in/around the gland, push your tongue against the roof of your mouth quickly. If you have done that correctly, a line of saliva should shoot out. It is a great way to impress or gross out your friends!

However, if you are unable to gleek, don’t blame your parents, for the ability is not hereditary. Gleeking is something that must be learned, some catch on faster and other's need more time to exercise their submandibular gland.

And now, to finish this all up is the world record for the farthest flying spit: 163 impressive centimeters by Skylar S from Jacksonville, Florida.

I bet you all are wondering the same thing, ‘What in the world is gleeking?’ well, look no farther because I’m about to tell you all about it. In short, gleeking the end result of activating your submandibular gland, and it comes out as an arched jet spray of spit.

Now, I’m sure a new question has arisen regarding the submandibular gland, well I’ll answer that as well. The submandibular gland is the weird “U” shaped thing on the inside of your mouth around where your tongue is connected to your jaw. Go ahead and check in the mirror so you know what i'm talking about.

Well, how does one activate the submandibular gland? It is most commonly activated when you are chewing something sour or chewy. Another way I find easier and more convenient, is to eating by chewing your tongue and create spit inside your mouth. I know it sounds weird and gross, but hey, it works.

The Ridiculous Amount Of Mess Found in Schools

Are Janitors Underappreciated?
By: Hailey Rea 

In the school there is too much mess like seriously. Ms Booth says that last year girls were vandalizing the girls bathroom with permanent marker.  They had to re paint almost every day. People also clog the sinks with paper towels and toilet paper.  Also just little messes in the hallway like paper and food. People if we could limit the mess to the cafeteria and also  pick up your mess in the cafeteria.


Its Upsetting How Hard They Work For Little Recognition!

What Can We Do To Help?

Over all people probably don’t even know who the janitor is yeah you know they are  the people that cleans up all your messes, also you probably don’t even know their names which is sad, because if they weren’t here then our school would look like a hurricane hit it. But no they cleans our entire school all by themselves alone. 

Dr.Cole says that students help out many times in the school year.  If you see trash in the hallways pick it up and throw it away in one of the many trash cans around town.  In last period put the chairs on the tables, you could leave appreciation notes. The paw pat festival was one of the biggest messes in the school year.  

Things People Did Over Summer

What are some places that people went to?

Theme Parks
Some people went to many places. For example, a couple people that we interviewed went to theme parks. “I went to Orlando and stayed at a hotel and it was pretty lit” says Glenn Green. He didn’t actually go to a theme park, but he went to Orlando! “Me and my family went to Seaworld, and Busch Gardens” says Anthony Wilhite. He actually went to a theme park! Isn’t that fun? Juan Morera and Destiny Rodriguez also told us that they went to Busch Gardens. 

What do people wish they could’ve done?
Some people told us that they wished they could’ve gone many places. Some people said they wish they could’ve gone out of town, or out of state. Carolina Espejo told us “i wish i could’ve gone to the bahamas, i’ve heard its very beautiful down there”

Now that you’ve heard about what people have done over summer, what are your thoughts on next summer?

 By: Destiny Rodriguez and Juan Morera

Maybe you climbed a mountain, or maybe you went somewhere much hotter. Did you go to the Florida Keys? Did you go to an amusement park? Or maybe you stayed home and watched Netflix. Are you curious about what other people did? I know I am! Keep reading, you never know, you might get ideas for next summer!

 “I stayed home and watched Netflix” - Shelbi Stewart

As you can see because of the title of this section, many people have stayed home and watched Netflix. Destiny Rodriguez says “Most of my summer was spent watching my favorite shows on Netflix like One Tree Hill and The Flash.”
Many people also watched tv shows and movies on Netflix. For example, Glenn Green (another student here at Caloosa) was asked what activities he did over the summer, and besides a couple of activities he had done, most of it was watching Netflix. Good thing i'm not the only one that is enjoys being lazy, and watching Netflix!

What are some shows that people watched on Netflix?

Some known shows that people are watching are Supergirl, Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, The Flash, Arrow, The Secret Life Of The American Teenager and so much more.

The Solar Eclipse
By:Summer Zheng, Luis Crespo,Zachary Berrios, and David Villegas

There are many mysteries about the Solar Eclipse but me and my friends here will answer some of those mysteries of the Solar Eclipse.        
    Some information about the solar eclipse is the difference between the temperature drop during a solar eclipse. In some places the temperature dropped about 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit like in Tennessee. My journalism teacher Mr.G told me his brother in Tennessee felt that the temperature had drop at least 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the solar eclipse news it state the temperature in south florida was 3 degrees lower than it was before.
Our second question was how powerful does the lense of the sunglasses need to be to observe and look at the solar eclipse? The lense of the sunglasses need to be as thick as a welder shield to observe the solar eclipse and believe me the sunglasses you need to observe the solar eclipse are quite a lot of money. Also if you look a the solar eclipse it can affect your eye if you look at it with a naked eye!
 Our final question was that where could you see the eclipse and according to Mr.Rys he was in Missouri when he saw the eclipse. The Solar Eclipse has also been from South Carolina all the way to Oregon.
 In conclusion, Thanks to our research we know that the solar eclipse is so powerful it can blind your eyes, it can lower temperature, and finally it can be in so many places and although we have gather so much information but the solar eclipse is still an amazing mystery to humankind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Kids Did Over The Summer

By: Roodenaicka, Matthew , and Dakota

We talk to different kids around the school about how their summer vacation went.some of them gave us information on some different things they did over the summer. The questions we ask theem were, what they did over the summer , did they regret anything, and what they liked the  most. Some of them didn't really relax over the summer and some of them enjoyed it. Today we interviewed isabella and she says over the summer she help her family a lot

We interviewed Izabella, Marcus, Aidan, and John . they told me about their summer. During journalism class. Because it was my job to get a understanding of how it is to work in a group and journalism class. In caloosa middle school. By writing a pass and looking for people to interview.