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CMS 2016-2017 School year Changes

By: Destiny Rodriguez, Dacoda Dura, Ariana Bachman

Have you noticed the new changes that Caloosa has now? Our principal, Dr. Ann Cole (principal for nine years going on ten) has introduced a new and convenient lunch schedule. This new lunch schedule has assured that we have a more organized and quieter cafeteria. “So, it helps the teachers know exactly where all their students are every time they come in."
     They drop them off, they pick them up” Dr. Cole says to us during the interview. The new schedule has been modified so that classes go to lunch within two minutes of each other.  This affects students because now there isn’t as long of lines. “Also the kids were saying that they like it much better because they don’t have to wait in long lines like everybody did last year” says Dr. Cole. We agree with this statement because we are 7th graders and we have experienced the very long lines and we think that the new lunch schedule is much better.
      Another change that has been made is that we now have a new assistant principal. His name is Mr. Brian Pollitt, and he has been an assistant principal for six years going on seven. He previously was an assistant principal at James Stephens International Academy, which was a k-8 school but they have now taken the middle school out of James Stephens. The district was given the opportunity to move Mr. Pollitt, because of our previous assistant principal retiring. So far, Mr. Pollitt has been impressed with the overall respectful and good group of students.”It's a good group of students, and for the most part they are respectful, they get to class on time, not a whole lot of discipline issues yet. Hopefully it stays that way” says Mr. Pollitt.
             If you didn't already know, our media specialist ,Ms. Martinez, has built the epic lego wall. She got the idea while searching online for spectacular ideas to add to the CMS media center. She saw one media specialist that had built a huge Lego wall on a bulletin board. She thought that this was a great idea and decided to try it herself. Unfortunately, Legos cost lots of money so it would be a great idea to do a Lego drive (So if anyone has some Legos that they don't play with anymore...surprise her and donate them!)
This new school year is already looking like it's going to be great! Ask anyone and they'll tell you the same. Especially Dr. Cole who already has some great ideas for the this year! Our school will be even better with all the new improvements that have been added to CMS. From our new assistant principal to the epic lego wall, this year will be phenomenal! 

Fugu - Dangerous Dining!

  However, a lot of diners are prepared to take that risk.
A dish of fugu can go from ¥2,000-5,000 yuan ($20-50), and a full course can cost up to $200 dollars, or ¥20,000 yuan! Fugu is usually prepared in a sashimi, where the toxic eyes and organs are removed, and the raw fish is sliced into thin pieces and served, arranged like a flower to be eaten and savored. You can also enjoy fugu stew, grilled fugu, fried fugu, baked fugu, fugu salad, and even fugu drinks! Fugu has a unique texture and taste, one that will surprise and impress diners who really want a little risk (and good food) in their lives.

  Since fugu is becoming so popular all around the world, you may be able to see other poisonous animals on plates in the future, like blue-ringed octopi, or lionfish! Lionfish have actually been eaten for a while, to help with overpopulation of the waters, so who knows what other exotic animals could be on the menus and plates of risk-takers!
  Exotic diners all around the world travel as much as possible, to find the rarest animals and foods to consume and savor. Some of these animals can be downright the pufferfish. The pufferfish is highly poisonous, and a dangerous fish to any predator. But have you ever thought, “What if i could eat one of those fish?”...

  ...Well think no longer! Pufferfish, known more widely as fugu (the Japanese word for the fish), is actually one of the many delicacies in Japan and many other countries, challenging adventurous diners from its potentially deadly composition. Pufferfish are very toxic, because of their natural poison, called tetrodotoxin. Tetrodotoxin is extremely poisonous, approximately 40 times more poisonous than cyanide! The toxin is in the organs, eyes and ovaries of the fish, and only 8.5 mg (0.0085 grams) can be deadly.

  Fugu can only be prepared by a certified chef with years of training, as one slip-up could cause the end of quite a few unlucky diners. Over 23 people have died from fugu poisoning in Japan since 2000, so it may be unappealing to many diners who don’t want to risk it.

"The World's Largest Collection of Nuclear Weapons is Guarded by.... Dolphins?!

By: Zachary Martinez

    Imagine a large naval submarine base filled with the largest nuclear weapons collection in the world, that is filled with soldiers. Sounds easy to imagine right? Well what if I were to tell you that this particular base was guarded by highly trained, top of the line, military grade… Bottlenose dolphins. You may be looking at your screen in disbelief, but as strange as it sounds, it is true. The U.S. Navy has trained these dolphins to act as outside security for Naval Base Kitsap. So keep reading, as we discuss when this idea was created, why the Navy chose bottlenose dolphins, and the other animals that were tested first.

    To begin with, this strange idea started in the 1960s, by the Navy's Marine Mammal Program for several reasons. Some of these reasons, according to Wikipedia, include mine detection, defense, and to rescue lost naval divers. They also were used to help create a new type of weapon that the Navy was building. In addition to this, these dolphins were used to keep enemy swimmers away during the Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars.

    To continue, now that we have talked about the beginnings of this strange idea, let us talk about why the Navy decided to use bottlenose dolphins to use as security. According to Wikipedia, the U.S. Navy chose these dolphins based on there great biosonar. In other words, they chose these dolphins based on their ability to see for far distances without using their eyes. It was this biosonar that helped in the making of a set of blueprints for a new submarine that the Navy was developing at the time.  

    Furthermore, now we are finally going to discuss the different types and species of animals that were tested before the dolphins. The U.S. Navy used many different types of animals from both land and sea. Some of these animals include types of birds and sharks, according to Wikipedia. In total, the Navy tested a total of 19 different species of animals before finally using the dolphins due to their biosonar, as stated in the previous paragraph.

    In summary, these dolphins as well as the project itself, have helped extremely in the advancement of military security in both the past, and the present. Of course we should give just as much credit to the U.S. Navy, and their Marine Mammal Program as we do to the dolphins. If anything, the program should get the most credit, because it was this program, who started this project, and has helped us learn so much about how a creature such as these dolphins can help us move forward in the advancements of our military technology. It is the success of this project that has created a new form of outside security for Naval Base Kitsap.

The Robotic Pill
 by: Lance Ladia

The pill is technologically advanced, however as a consequence it is very sophisticated and hard to understand how it works.

The pill is supposed to replace injections to the small intestine. Obviously, unlike injections, the pill is swallowed and the pill travels down into your body until it reaches your small intestine. The unique pH level (for those unfamiliar with pH level, pH means the acidity or alkalinity of a substance the) of the small intestine eats the outer layer of the pill and dissolves a tiny valve within the pill, and separates compartments filled with citric acid and sodium bicarbonate.

The two chemicals mix to produce carbon dioxide (co2) that inflates a balloon with tiny drug filled needles made of sugar into the small intestine wall. After that, the needles detach from the pill, and the outer wall slowly dissolves and “meets” nearby blood vessels.

Rather the pill being developed by one pharma, two pharmas are collaborating together to make this pill. Those two companies are Novartis, and Rani Therapeutics. As previously mentioned, these companies are somewhat known for making advancements in the technology/medicine field. High hopes are made for the pill, as the FDA released a PillCam that is a pill like camera to help track colon polyps. However, a pill this advanced might cost a little money, with an estimate of 3-4 million dollars for mass development. Testing for the pil as confirmed by Mir Imran, the man who made the prototype pill, to be as long as 18-24 months.

Although many of us don’t visualize technology merging with something like medicine, but is very much a reality. I believe that the Rani Capsule can help set a foundation for other groundbreaking medicines in the future. I believe that the Rani Capsule will be able to change the world in many ways, despite the numerous problems ahead for its future.

When we think of technology we usually think of our typical iPhones, computers, and any other electronic device we use. However, most of us don’t recognize that technology is split into many branches that can change the way we live. Many people do not visualize how technology can merge with hundreds of other subjects. Perhaps a great way of imagining how technology can do this is by looking at something called the Rani Capsule. The Rani Capsule is a pill mainly used to treat diabetes, but can be used to treat other chronic diseases.
As I said before, technology can be used to make life saving, world changing inventions every once in awhile. The Rani Capsule is a perfect example of this in my opinion. You might ask ‘how can that change the world?’. Well first off, the technology integrated within the Rani Capsule would’ve been only a dream years ago. The company that is working with Rani Therapeutics, Novartis has been known to integrate technology and medicine. Novartis had a collaboration with Google to make contact lenses that help diabetics track glucose levels in their blood. Not only does it change the way we live in now, but the pill can set a foundation for other technological advances in the field of medicine. It is possible that we can see medicines that combat other diseases in the near future.

Mir Imran, the man who made the first prototype of the pill.

Antarctica Is Melting Fast

    Have you ever wondered about the dangers of Antarctica melting? Well let me tell you, it can be pretty drastic. The are many causes as there are effect, and there are ways to prove the causes. The articles that talk about this are Why Is Antarctica's Sea Ice Growing While the Arctic Melts? Scientists Have an Answer by Bob Berwyn, Stable Antarctic Ice Is Suddenly Melting Fast by Mark Fischetti, Global Warming - Facts - An Overview by Paul Ward, and An Ill Wind Blows in Antarctica, Threatens Global Flooding by John Upton.
    To begin with, let me talk about what causes the melting. Most articles state that man-made global warming is the problem in why this potential disaster could happen. These articles state that over the course of the last 100 years, average temperature has increased by 1.4 degrees. Thinning of the ozone layer and greenhouse gases also lead to wind wearing down the ice sheets in Antarctica. Hopefully in the future scientist can find a way to solve this problem of global warming which seems to be the main cause of the melting.
    Ice cores have been able to show evidence of more carbon dioxide. According to research done with ice cores, the bubbles in the ice cores can be very useful. These bubbles have gases like carbon dioxide inside them. These can show the concentration of the carbon dioxide in the area and how much of it there could be. These ice cores are samples dug from the ground. The deeper you go the older the samples you could find. Ice core samples found in Greenland showed how the temperature jumped 10 degrees celsius in the past 40 years. Ice cores can be used for many things so hopefully we can take advantage of the knowledge we find a way to stop the rising temperatures.

The effects of all this can be very devastating. Since Antarctica contains about 70% of the world's fresh water, all of it melting could add up to 197 feet of more water into global water. This could lead to mass extinction and excessive flooding. Heat waves would become more often and hurricanes can be a lot more intense.
     All of this shows just how much Antarctica means to the planet.
To conclude, Global warming is causing major devastation on Antarctica right now. And, if we don’t do anything the effects can cause many catastrophes. I predict in the future we could stop the Antarctic from melting and prevent any problems. So now what do you think about the Antarctic?
By: Justin Lin


  The National Drone Races just recently took place in New York.  According to Laura Geggel, the races are tournaments that slowly eliminate people until there are only three people left from 100. The remaining three went to New York and competed for the Liberty Cup. Geggel also states that the players use first person view goggles. These goggles allow the players to see exactly what the drone is seeing at all times. The drones they used for flying are very limited to battery life. They only have about two minutes of flight time until the drone starts to fall out of the sky due to lack of battery power. But, just because the drones have little battery life doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful. Andy Shen, a person mentioned in the article as a drone building company owner, states that some of the drones can go up to 100 miles per hour! But, the racers cannot go that fast during competition because turns are difficult at that speed. Therefore, they only travel at around 55 miles per hour. It would be interesting to see how fast they really fly close up. Hopefully, in the future they would be able to make gear that can fly fast and be easy to turn with.
    To conclude, drones are great tools for everything and took some time to make perfect. I think that drones be even more better than than any other remote controlled tools because they can be used for many things. Possibly in the future drones could be able to carry humans like airplanes can today. Well, I would be interested in riding a quadcopter. Wouldn't you be, too?

​to UnusualTv

    What do you think about drones? Are they only used for entertainment or are they quite useful? The truth is, they can be used for many other things instead of just flying it around for entertainment. Drones can be used for many things and has had a long interesting history. Many articles across the web all prove that there is a the interesting history of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and what amazing things they are doing for today’s people.
     Drones have had a long history. Quadcopter Arena shows the history of the drones and how the electronic was like a trial and error. The first UAVs were balloons with bombs rigged inside them. They were used in the military and would often get blown off course by the wind. Eventually, Elmer Sperry would developed an early type of the aerial torpedo in World War 1. Later on, the military started to play around with remote controlled drones. They made many models of the aerial torpedo. In 1920, Omnichen finally made a quadcopter type vehicle. What led to Omnichen developing this was because helicopter experienced a lot of difficulties with torque, a force that causes something to twist and rotate. The development Omnichen made proved successful after many good flights.
    Many jobs in the US currently use drones to do many jobs. Anne Holub explains how filming movies with drones has started to become a common things. Movies such as Jurassic World and Captain America: Civil War were filmed with drones. Drones help people reach good view points to make their movie look more appealing. CBS also talked about when the CEO of Amazon uncovered the Amazon Prime Air to a reporter. The reporter was astounded by what he saw. The Amazon Prime Air was a              octocopter that could deliver a package to your doorstep in 30 minutes, depending where you live. The Amazon Prime Air knows exactly where it's going and can avoid obstacles in the air. Another place that require drone is the military. Anne Holub also mentions how the military uses UAVs for surveillance and for jobs that are too dangerous for normal humans to do.