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Ray Kurzweil : 2045 Initiative

   Have you ever thought about the idea of transporting you conscience directly into the internet? Well, this could possibly become reality in the year 2045. Many sources show just how possible it could be to actually transport your conscience into the internet. Ray Kurzweil is responsible for this extravagant prediction. Not only has he made this prediction, but he has also predicted many other amazing predictions, too.
     Ray Kurzweil is a futurist born February 12, 1948 in Queens, New York. His predictions are hard to believe but usually around 86% of them are true. He also has quite a bit of occupations, too. He wrote books that about how in the near future, change could be bigger than the average may expect, he invented Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and he invented the text to speech synthesizer for the blind. As a young child he was  far ahead from his peers. At around eight years old he made a electronic puppet theater. He would finish the whole series of  Tom Swift Jr. by the age of 10. And finally, phenomenally wrote a detailed paper on neocortex by the age of 14! This shows just how advanced he was for his age.

​     Kurzweil is most famous for his job as a futurist. His predictions may seem impossible, but it is just scary to think just how accurate he is. One of his predictions are that by 2020, most sickness would be gone. This is due to us getting better at nanotechnology and making nanobots. Nanotechnology is dealing with dimensions under 100 nanometers. Nanobots will become smarter than modern medicine. Another prediction is that non-biological intelligence will become a billion times more smarter than biological intelligence. This means that artificial intelligence will become a billion times more smarter than us humans. Around the same time, we will also be able to create food basically out of thin air. We would have to use nanotech foglets.
     Many of these prediction may seem like nothing could go farther than this, but Kurzweil states that by 2045 our conscience would be able to be uploaded into the internet. Since our brains are inside the internet, we would multiply our intelligence by a billion. We would also become immortal since we don’t have any tissue. However, Ray Kurzweil may be the one that predicted this, but he isn’t the one that is assembling this idea. A Russian man named Dmitry Itskov is the founder of the group 2045 Initiative. This group is the one that plans to put this into action. They hope to transmit your brain neuron by neuron.
     So in conclusion, Ray Kurzweil has predicted many things and has many phenomenal ideas. Hopefully in the they will actually be able to create a way for our minds to be able to be transported into the internet. Would you want your mind inside the internet.

Justin Lin

Drug Treatment Makes Hiv Vanish!

More About Hiv

This treatment is called antiretroviral therapy . So far , it has been working pretty well , and the progress is remarkable . The experimental therapy works in two ways . The first way it works is , because obviously the immune system doesn’t ignore HIV , and because of that it helps the virus reproduce . And the second way it works is , the drug Vorinostat helps to activate a certain cells so that way , they can be spotted by the immune system .

In order for all of this to even work , the scientists created this type of drug that used vaccines that help the body recognize the HIV- infected cells . These doctors have come a long way , and have made so many improvements . The experiment has been tested on rats and tests have shown that cells that have viruses in them have gone away.This experiment works by sending another virus to destroy the worse virus cells.


A 44 year old man that had HIV , who wished to remain anonymous , was treated with certain medicines and apparently it was all of a sudden gone . After he received this exciting news , he got tested again from different doctors to see if the results were correct . Every doctor that he went to said the same thing , which was the fact that he no longer has it . A team of scientists from the Uk ( includes five people) said that they may be a lot more closer than they thought for finding a cure that can help everyone that needs it .

How Does It Work?

Boy with Diabetes Saves Money For 4 Years

Do you think you could save pennies for over FOUR years? Well, Aiden Heath ​​
did! He got just enough for a service dog, Angel . This 8 year old boy, that lives in Waitsfield, Vermont, got the help to achieve this goal with the help of his news story coverage.
    Izzy shared their thoughts with me on this topic. She told me that, “The little boy was very determined to achieve his goals and it is very sweet.” A majority of people would completely agree on that opinion. Many people who don’t have a service dog have no clue that it’s pretty pricey. I get that since service dogs are very useful for the people who need it. Izzy would most likely be able to save up as much as he did for that same length of time if it was something she is really determined for. If she did end up saving that much, Izzy would give a portion to charity, portion for her family, and the rest is for college. Quite a lot of people would probably make that same choice.
    Fox News and Eyewitness News had around the same perspective. Both stated that Aiden Heath, an eight year old boy saved change for more than four years just to get a service dog. Unfortunately, Aiden is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes so the service dog was necessary. Aiden achieved the $15,000 goal with help from his News coverage. According to the website, Aiden’s parents barely sleep since they have to make sure his blood sugar doesn’t drop too low. Apparently, the service dog is able to tell if the blood sugar is going to drop 20-30 minutes before so there is enough time. The dog is an addition to the family for Aiden to be even safer.
    Aiden Heath is going to be best friends with angel.After an exciting encounter at the airport, Aiden took Angel to her new home. The new friends are now working with a trainer to get to know each other. Angel is adjusting to her new role, and Aiden is learning how to give Angel commands.Aiden's mom states that “We have been so amazed by the outpouring of support. He is feeling the love…There are no words.”

Cracking Knuckles

By: Makayla Turner & Jimei Lin

  ”POP!” The sound that knuckles make. Do you know what happens when you make that sound? Will the sacrifice of cracking knuckles cause you to have arthritis? Let's find out the truth about knuckles.
     To begin with, what happens when you crack your knuckles? Is it the cracking noise bones make to become more flexible? No. It does not become flexible, but it is the cracking noise between bones. Your knuckles are surrounded by synovial membrane, which creates synovial fluid. This liquid lubricates and absorbs shock, so your bones won’t cause pain when you move.When you “crack” your knuckles, or any other joint, it expands the space between your bones, creating negative pressure that draws synovial fluid into the new gap. “This influx of synovial fluid is what causes the popping sound and the feeling when you crack a knuckle”. 
     Is there any effect due to cracking knuckles? Nearly 50 million americans has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, but cracking knuckles does not appear to be a factor of osteoporosis (a disease that reduce the density of bones) even though, cartilage and synovial fluid are progressively reduced, “Knuckle cracking’ has not been shown to be harmful or beneficial. More specifically, knuckle cracking does not cause arthritis.” Knuckle cracking is a result of negative pressure pulling nitrogen gas temporarily into the joint.
     To wrap it all up, cracking knuckles causes cartilage to becomes thinner, but doesn’t not have a negative effect on us. Cracking knuckles can be sacrificing but, to further prevent any diseases or pain it is best not to crack any bone in the body. Imagine in the future when we crack our bones 200 times a day.

"The World's Largest Collection of Nuclear Weapons is Guarded by.... Dolphins?!

By: Zachary Martinez

    Imagine a large naval submarine base filled with the largest nuclear weapons collection in the world, that is filled with soldiers. Sounds easy to imagine right? Well what if I were to tell you that this particular base was guarded by highly trained, top of the line, military grade… Bottlenose dolphins. You may be looking at your screen in disbelief, but as strange as it sounds, it is true. The U.S. Navy has trained these dolphins to act as outside security for Naval Base Kitsap. So keep reading, as we discuss when this idea was created, why the Navy chose bottlenose dolphins, and the other animals that were tested first.

    To begin with, this strange idea started in the 1960s, by the Navy's Marine Mammal Program for several reasons. Some of these reasons, according to Wikipedia, include mine detection, defense, and to rescue lost naval divers. They also were used to help create a new type of weapon that the Navy was building. In addition to this, these dolphins were used to keep enemy swimmers away during the Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars.

    To continue, now that we have talked about the beginnings of this strange idea, let us talk about why the Navy decided to use bottlenose dolphins to use as security. According to Wikipedia, the U.S. Navy chose these dolphins based on there great biosonar. In other words, they chose these dolphins based on their ability to see for far distances without using their eyes. It was this biosonar that helped in the making of a set of blueprints for a new submarine that the Navy was developing at the time.  

    Furthermore, now we are finally going to discuss the different types and species of animals that were tested before the dolphins. The U.S. Navy used many different types of animals from both land and sea. Some of these animals include types of birds and sharks, according to Wikipedia. In total, the Navy tested a total of 19 different species of animals before finally using the dolphins due to their biosonar, as stated in the previous paragraph.

    In summary, these dolphins as well as the project itself, have helped extremely in the advancement of military security in both the past, and the present. Of course we should give just as much credit to the U.S. Navy, and their Marine Mammal Program as we do to the dolphins. If anything, the program should get the most credit, because it was this program, who started this project, and has helped us learn so much about how a creature such as these dolphins can help us move forward in the advancements of our military technology. It is the success of this project that has created a new form of outside security for Naval Base Kitsap.

Why are you Right/Left handed?

Have you ever wondered why your dominate hand is your best-loved. It has been favored since your childhood.

What science Says
People don't actually really know why we use one hand more than the other. Some scientists say that we developed our dominant hand as our tools advanced. Not even scientist know why we throw a football right handed or dribble left handed. Scientist’s say that it’s a very good question that goes way back possibly all the way back to B.C.
In the past people who are not right handed have been such a minority. They have been harassed or shunned for being left handed. Labeled by people as evil and forced to change there handedness.

by: Jory Bell

Facts About Handedness
The brain is split into two, but each side handless different things. In right-handed people their left half is usually better. Which means lefty’s usual strong brain side is their right , and people who are ambidextrous usually have crossovers between each side. The better hemisphere processes language and does some math functions, while the non-dominant is the site of spatial perception, intuition and creativity.
I know you really didn't get an answer about why we are right or left handed but who knows, in a ten years we could have all the answers or we could find out that there is no answer. We might not know why we are handed the way we are but it is just one of the things that make us who we are.

Space  Engine
by: Lance Ladia

One of the main concerns of users who download Space Engine is that they wonder to themselves, “Is this really what the Universe looks like?” Space Engine is scientifically accurate, and has over 130,000+ objects procedurally generated. Any type of celestial body is available to the player, including, nebulae, galaxies, stars, moons, planets (and exoplanets), black holes, asteroids, star clusters, and comets. There are millions of galaxies, trillions of stars, and a near unlimited amount of planets for the user to enjoy.

A game like Space Engine is very hard to understand, due it its unfathomable size. Whats even more unbelievable is that the game was made by only one person. The engine that Space Engine runs on was not a pre-existing engine, so the developer had to make one from scratch. The game is procedurally generated which means that an algorithm makes data, as opposed to manually generating it. Space Engine is also divided into “chunks”, which means that there are “chunks” are loaded one at a time to make the game smoother to run.

In conclusion, Space Engine is a simple solution for the fear of not being able to go into space. Normal people can now feel the unfathomability of the final frontier without having to move an inch. I believe Space Engine can help people learn more about space, and provide us with more knowledge to work with. Space Engine has a bright future, and there’s no doubt about that.

By many, space is considered the final frontier. Many of us adore space, but maybe fear that we will never be able to go into space and explore within our lifetimes. For those that have that fear, there’s a simple solution. It’s called Space Engine. Space Engine is a free-to-download space simulation that lets you explore the entire known Universe in 3D. Maybe you might feel iffy about it, saying to yourself: “Is this actually what the Universe looks like?” Space Engine is confirmed by astronomers and scientists to be scientifically accurate.
Space Engine offers a multitude of features to the player. One of the key features is the mobility of the player. The Universe is big, and there’s no doubt of that. Space Engine let’s you travel at different speeds. Maybe you want to take a stroll around the solar system, so you put it on the “slow” setting. Maybe you want to visit the nearest galaxy and try to find aliens, so you put it on the “light speed” setting. It also let’s you type in the name of a celestial body, say the Andromeda Galaxy. Space Engine immediately teleports you to that location. Neat, right? If you’re feeling for a little roleplay, why not try Spacecraft mode? Spacecraft mode lets the user “roleplay” in a spacecraft, which its speed can be altered. The developer of Space Engine, Vladimir Romanyuk, (He is the only developer of the game!) opened up a Reddit page which lets people post community mods (short for modification) to help spice up your Space Engine experience. Different texture packs, shaders, and graphic hauls are available.
Antarctica Is Melting Fast

    Have you ever wondered about the dangers of Antarctica melting? Well let me tell you, it can be pretty drastic. The are many causes as there are effect, and there are ways to prove the causes. The articles that talk about this are Why Is Antarctica's Sea Ice Growing While the Arctic Melts? Scientists Have an Answer by Bob Berwyn, Stable Antarctic Ice Is Suddenly Melting Fast by Mark Fischetti, Global Warming - Facts - An Overview by Paul Ward, and An Ill Wind Blows in Antarctica, Threatens Global Flooding by John Upton.
    To begin with, let me talk about what causes the melting. Most articles state that man-made global warming is the problem in why this potential disaster could happen. These articles state that over the course of the last 100 years, average temperature has increased by 1.4 degrees. Thinning of the ozone layer and greenhouse gases also lead to wind wearing down the ice sheets in Antarctica. Hopefully in the future scientist can find a way to solve this problem of global warming which seems to be the main cause of the melting.
    Ice cores have been able to show evidence of more carbon dioxide. According to research done with ice cores, the bubbles in the ice cores can be very useful. These bubbles have gases like carbon dioxide inside them. These can show the concentration of the carbon dioxide in the area and how much of it there could be. These ice cores are samples dug
from the ground. The deeper you go the older the samples you could find. Ice core samples found in Greenland showed how the temperature jumped 10 degrees celsius in the past 40 years. Ice cores can be used for many things so hopefully we can take advantage of the knowledge we find a way to stop the rising temperatures.


The effects of all this can be very devastating. Since Antarctica contains about 70% of the world's fresh water, all of it melting could add up to 197 feet of more water into global water. This could lead to mass extinction and excessive flooding. Heat waves would become more often and hurricanes can be a lot more intense.
     All of this shows just how much Antarctica means to the planet.
To conclude, Global warming is causing major devastation on Antarctica right now. And, if we don’t do anything the effects can cause many catastrophes. I predict in the future we could stop the Antarctic from melting and prevent any problems. So now what do you think about the Antarctic?

By: Justin Lin